You Know You're An Avatar Addict When...

When you are waiting another 7 months, just to get the better version of the movie.

Ditto, I don't even have my own copy of the movie right now 'cause I'm waiting 'til then to get all the extra scenes and stuff. I'm making myself be annoyingly frugal right now.
When you say "Thank(s) Jake/Neytiri" for whenever something good happens :D
(I did that a lot last night in my league. Was wearing my Jake Sully Avatar shirt :D)
When you get excited hearing your friends mention the word "Pandora"...and then realize they're talking about the internet radio station website.

(Still a cool site though!)
When you hear someone saying something and thought they said skxawng and start speaking Na'vi to them.
(happened when I was walking home yesterday :P )