You Know You're An Avatar Addict When...

New game I just thought of! Since we know a lot of us might be Avatar "addicts", so I feel we should share what we mimic from Avatar in the real world! Here's mine:

You know you're an Avatar addict when you have to say 'Oel ngati kameie' to the pins everytime you bowl! :D (Yes, I do that...A LOT)
^^ did that too Eltu! :D the lady looked at me all confused haha

before you open up the door that leads outside at work you yell "masks on!" then kick open the door... at school I just say "masks on" no kicking haah


Whey you ALWAYS say "srane" instead of yes, "kehe" instead of no, "irayo" instead of thanks, etc, etc...

Sight Unseen

When you can do division in octal without paper.
When you remap your keyboard, just to have the Na'vi I
When you think Neytiri is hotter than Laura Croft. (I'm guilty of this)
When you always pick blue when given a color choice, without thinking. (A certain Eiffel 65 song comes to mind...)