World of Warcraft

didn't see any topics about it so i thought i'd make one.

yeah so, warlords of draenor is a dud. blizzard had ten million subs in the first month of release, up from i think 7 or 8 mill during mists of pandaria, and then lost HALF of them in the time between january and now.

people are not happy. no flying, tons of scrapped features (karabor au!shattrath and bladespire citadel as faction capitals, being able to choose which zone to build your garrison in, race-themed garrison buildings, farahlon), ashran pvp being a miserable failure, the story taking a hard nose dive into dumb, the fact that in the end NOTHING THAT HAPPENED THIS EXPANSION WILL HAVE ANY IMPACT ON THE PLOT because it took place in an alternate universe..

but on the other hand legion was announced as the next expansion and blizzard's getting everyone's hopes up all over again. demon hunters as the new hero class? SIGN ME THE HECK UP! illidan gets a second chance to have a satisfactory ending to his story other than "lol he went crazy and we had to kill him"? HECK YEAH! more vrykul lore? BE STILL MY BEATING HEART!
moose tauren and moose mount? YOU KNOW I'M DOWN FOR THAT!

feature overview is here because i can't remember the bbcode for video embedding

anyways. yeah, talk about your fav characters, your toons, your experiences, whether that mount/weapon/armor dropped yet..


Could have sworn there was a WoW thread around, but I didn't find one either... oh well.

There's also the legendary Draenei thread which I had to clean up multiple times for, well, let's just say a rather loose interpretation of the forum rules! :rolleyes:

On-topic, never played World of Warcraft myself, but I'm rather excited about the possibility of a Warcraft 4 which was mentioned by Blizzard recently. My hopes are up :D
you know, i've never really played the RTS games. i was like, in elementary school when they came out so they were never really on my radar, but i think i might try one one of these days.

also, this topic is totally for the RTS games too. you wanna gush about warcraft 4? go hog wild, friend, i'm all for it.