WIP: a short 3D animation about avatar

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Hey all,

Thought i better start a new thread about the progress of the animation i'm working on.
Its still far from done and im very busy animating.
Next to animating i've gathered some reference pictures about Pandora and its fauna and just started work on the scenery or background.
My plan is to mix animating with creating backgrounds, plants, etc.

About the animation.
The animation will probably be 5 mins or so and takes place some time after the movie. I dont want to give everything away already but below is a general idea of how it starts and what the first few scenes are about.

After the initial celebration and rebuilding Pandora life is slowly getting back to normal.
More and more Jake is starting to think, or worry, about a possible return of the aliens, all the deaths the last war caused and whether war could have been prevented by him or not.

Its a study project for me, i hope to learn and cover all parts from modeling Neytiri and Jake up to a completed animation.
Hopefully i can make this thread a fun to watch trail from start to finish :)
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And a quick render of an early shot in the animation.
Here Neytiri notices Jake's troubles.
For this part all the main animation is done.
Ill start fine-tuning it and doing secondary animation like fingers, tail etc when the entire animation is roughly done.
Also, i ordered a book about camera angles etc, i got a lot to learn on this aswell!


and an overview of where i am on the background right now, plenty do to here :)


Tips, suggestions or critique, let me know!
Kaltxì ma fierox,

this sounds just awesome, I'm already reeeeaaaally looking forward to it :D

I guess the form of the background (rocks and roots) isn't finished yet, so saying "more detail to the rocks/roots plx" would be senseless ;D

Seysonìltsan :)


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Fierox, I bet you could start making 3D models of Avatars for people here if you tried hard enough.

That would make someone popular around here in a hurry. :P

Moco Loco

Dandy Lion
Many people here would probably be capable of making avatars of us through drawings or some other way, but nothing as comprehensive as 3D models (wink, nudge) :D
this is looking ****ing amazing. if i could reach through my monitor, out through your's and shake your hand to congratualte you on how awesome this is looking, i would :)
hey thx all, your too kind!
Yeah the background needs more detail, already been busy, will post an update soon :)
And sorry but i just dont have the time to build a few extra avatars :P
Besides, everyone here already has an avatar!

Updated version of the background with a little more detail.
Time to figure out better camera work so i can add more detail where needed (dont want to add detail that will never be seen).
Mostly been struggling and testing with camera angles, focal lenght, depth of field, etc argh! Alot of new cool stuff to study a bit more :)
Wow :shock: your work is amazing!!!! :D :D Are your movie going to be about just Neytiri and Jake, or are we going to see other Na'vi people, Ikran's etc.?

Moco Loco

Dandy Lion
Fierox could probably make a short video, then make another model or two, then make another short video, then some more models, like an ongoing project :D I can hope :P