Featured Who is still here from the beginning?

Hi there!
Someone knows a person with the nickname "More love for Neytiri" or something like this..?
We were friends long time ago on the other forum. I've made a comeback just now and looking for someone who hopefully remembers me


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Been a while! Those of you who are really old may recall me better as "Xynth", or something like that.
That's the guy with all those orbz...

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I think I joined around 2011 or so, after I had joined Avatar Forums in 2010. AF is long gone (but not forgotten) and I've been around here now and then for the past ten years or so, mostly not around much. I'm interested in the sequel, as is everyone else here.

I plan on being around here as we get closer to the release of the sequel.
I joined in 2013, but had been on the learn na'vi forum from 2010 (where I was way more active), I figure a lot of the same people are/were also on here. Thought I'd come here today to see if things are coming back to life with the sequel finally arriving.


Welcome back everyone, so many familiar faces! :D Feel free to also check out the chat room, and enjoy the new forums! I think things will indeed keep coming back to life for a while, already there's much more activity here than there's been for years, and that only stands to increase in the next two months :)
My Profile shows I joined on September 10, 2014. I have not been here in a while, but always enjoy my time here. Mainly came here for the HD pictures of Jake.


I have not been real active on here for awhile over the last few years, but I did check in once and awhile. Now that the new movie is out and my "Avatarness" has been re-awoken, I have returned again. :) Been on here since Jan 2011.


I joined in 2011, but was on AF before that. I got to meet a few of the ToS regulars at AvatarMeet 2011 in Seattle. I lived very near Seattle at that time. I'm a little further out now, though still in Washington State.

I was here quite frequently until around the end of 2012, and was then largely dormant until this last year.


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I guess we'll have to define what "beginning" means. I don't remember when I joined AF, it was either late 2009 or early 2010, but TOS was a part of my online high school senior year and college experience, from 2010 to 2015 or so.

I don't quite remember when TOS was stood up due to internal disagreements at AF, but I believe it was March 2010 or so, which is around when I migrated over to TOS as well.
I am pretty much not here since the beginning, but I guess 6+ years is also quite long time. I haven't been very present on the boards here, because my primary home has been the LearnNavi forum, too. Nonetheless, I am a silent lurker.:)