Who is still here from the beginning?

l joined the forum as an Avatar and Neytiri fan back in 2011. I was just wondering, who is still here from back then? Most of the posters from 2010-2012 seem to have moved on.
Catch up with returning Tree of Souls regulars here!
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I've seen a few as of late! Woodsprite, Xynth/DavyJones, xcrunner08, Thorinair, TheSilverStag, ProfoundHeart, ballju and a bunch of others come to mind as having posted on the forums in the last few months - I think quite a few more will show up as we get closer to the Avatar 2 release as well :)
I'm back. Have been part of the Avatar community since the beginning (Naviblue), but I think it took me a few years to find TOS. Then we started our own business which ate up all of our spare time and I slowly drifted away from the online community. But with the release of the trailer, there's a slew of new articles every day online which has reignited my addiction passion for everything Avatar.


One of the First
I think my eyeview of the fantastic has turned somewhat more critical in the last few years, but Avatar will remain an extremely integral part of my life... that being said, Avatar 2 and the following sequels will have to blow me away equally as much as the first film did (let alone more so) for me to retain that solidified view. I just hope Cameron focuses more on the story and the beauty than on politics and social issues like he did with the first film.

The first film was one of the most perfect examples of a film that appealed to literally everybody. No matter what religion, political viewpoint, social situation, ethnicity, or philosophy you held, it struck a note, and didn't stray too much into pushing any one view on anybody. That, and it gave an experience to remember. If the sequels stray from this, no matter which direction, it'll not only hit a bad note with many people, it'll lose money. A lot of money. And I know Cameron has to know this; that's why I'm 95% confident I won't be disappointed.

And yeah I'm still here. I'm just a mostly busy person these days. :coffee:
I check in from time to time. I joined more or less when this forum started. Hopefully the vitality will return as the new release comes closer.

It's been a long time since Avatar was released. People and their interests change. A lot of the original group were young in the upper teens or early twenties. These people are now in their thirties and talk about a time period when people change priorities and how they use their time. Hence they have "moved on." I'm a little different I was close to turning 50 when I joined. Now I'm about to become officially "old."
Been here since the summer of 2010, but I was on Avatar-Forums before that. Alas, they banned me :(
This place was important in my formative years and it's interesting to go through my old posts and see how much I've changed.
I've been here for a pretty long time (May 24, 2011 to be exact), but I haven't been super present on the boards, in general. (My primary home has been the LearnNavi forum) My area of focus and expertise is on the language specifically. There may be a few of you still around who I met during AvatarMeet 2014 and 2017? What an amazing journey it's been.

I'm super stoked to see that Tree of Souls is still kickin'! Here's to what the sequels bring!


I pop in from time to time, been here since April 2010. It's crazy to think about how much life has changed in the many years since Avatar first came out. I look back and it was a great movie and changed the way I look at life. I think every time I check in here its is almost like opening a time capsule and it shows me a glimpse back to the way I felt then and I always enjoy that.
I've been here on and off since the beginning. It's amazing how much changed in the 13 years after the first one came out, I'm engaged, came out of the closet as a transbian, living on my own, and going back to get my degree. But I'm still into the avatar fandom as much as I was the first time I saw this Movie.


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This is the first time I’ve logged in in maybe like 7 years or something? Kinda wild… I’m weirdly surprised to see this forum is still going - it’s awesome to see. Also amazed I managed to remember my login!

I started off on avatar-forums back in January 2010 then came here after the legendary collapse.

It’s unreal how much my life direction changed because of this film. Good to see some familiar names in this thread! Hope you’re all doing well.


Pamtseo Vitra
Great to hear from you Fkeu'itan! It's been a while for sure, hope you enjoy the new forums :)
Likewise, Eltu! Yours is a name I certainly remember (as ominous as that may sound, haha!) - I hope all is well with you.

I have a lot to catch up on I think… Time to have a dig around and see what’s been going on recently!
I am in the career field I'm in, I'm in a relationship with a fellow Na'vi speaker and moved halfway across the country to live with her, and more all because of Avatar :3
What A wild and utterly life-changing ride!