Which musical instraments do you own?


Nice drum set Hunter! I tried playing once but my coordination is terrible! I can only do two things at once so its either one hand and my feet or hands only XD I was waiting to see a drummer here!

Fighter! You should totally learn to play! I love the sax, matter of fact I just got done with a jam session by myself of some jazz and classical :D its awesome how changing one neck, mouthpiece, and reed can totally change the sound! I like looking back at how I spent my entire sixth grade learning scales and the easiest music ever and comparing to where I am now :D its very tedious practice until you break a certain level and then it becomes lots of fun! (applies to all instruments)
No wahoos here but an awesome place called fuzzy's :awesome:

Wish I had my sax with me, I'm in the mood to do a little playing!
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I have a couple keyboards, a Yamaha MODX 7 and a Yamaha CS1x, the latter purchased in 1999 and the former purchased in 2019, set up on a table/rack combo thing a friend of mine made for me after I'd gotten the MODX7, along with a mini computer and a monitor. My "home studio" in other words. I don't have a picture of the setup (yet) but I'll take one later and post it here.

I'm not a serious keyboardist by any stretch of the imagination, but I do like messing around on those keyboards and coming up with interesting grooves from time to time, playing the presets, downloading virtual studio instruments, etc.

It's not really a hobby per se, more like something I like to mess around with from time to time.


Got a midi controller, if that counts... currently using it to practice piano renditions of the Avatar soundtrack :)
I have a piano, a violin, drums, a keyboard, a bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, a Cajon, and knowing my forgetfulness, most likely a few more.