What Really Grinds Your Gears? II: The Reckoning

What is really grinding my gears right now is conservatives are attempting to claim moral superiority after the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal broke out and blaming liberals for abuse running rampant in Hollywood. They seem to have forgotten they controlled Hollywood for a very long time. Abuse was running rampant back then. Examples of abused Old Hollywood celebrities include Judy Garland, Dorothy Dandridge, Tippi Hedren, and Patricia Doulgas. Patricia Doulgas was actually the first person to call out Hollywood for sexual assault. She was raped at an MGM exhibitors' convention in 1937. The crime was covered up by the studio. After that, conservatives continued to pretend abuse of celebrities wasn't happening while putting out family films and TV shows such as The Wizard of Oz, Leave It to Beaver, and The Andy Griffith Show. They have no right to claim their hands are clean when they are just as guilty of covering up abuse as liberals are. They are also known for covering up the Catholic Church sex abuse for centuries by simply sending abusive priests to other churches, so they wouldn't have to deal with them. What separates them from liberals is they preach family values and morality in public constantly while they practice neither behind closed doors. Abuse comes from both sides. It's not limited to one.



writing a very heavily jewish-coded race as suddenly being "fanatical conguerors forcibly converting the "savage" orcs" and "now just as bad as the same orcs that tried to genocide them" isn't good writing

it's bad

it's very very bad

who the EFF greenlit this dumpster fire of a recruitment scenario? who WROTE this????
alright, my buddy James Cameron is at it again....geez. *sighs*

JC, please stop bashing superhero movies, not everyone likes or dislikes the same thing. i happen to love both superhero films and science-fiction genre films, and both types of films are huge money-makers in movieworld, so please stop bashing on the MCU films in your interviews lately, and this ridiculous 'superhero fatigue' line you keep touting. Black Panther just made $1.3 BILLION DOLLARS WORLDWIDE BOXOFFICE, and Avengers Infinity War has made $1.54 BILLION DOLLARS WORLDWIDE BOXOFFICE IN JUST 17 DAYS!!! i see no evidence of your statement at all!!! if anything, Avengers 4 Infinity Gauntlet is gonna make even more!. i think you are just a bit salty because these movies are threatening the Titanic and Avatar records, though i think AIW will come close to Avatar, but no cigar.

how 'bout we please focus on Avatar 2 - 4 and the Prequel, and stop talking to industry gossip rags and dubious internet sites like comicblend. stop bashing on superheroes please, and can we please return to Pandora in 2020?! thanks for listening.

oh yeah, no more talking smack on Wonder Woman either. thanks.
my really nice older neighbor, Judy, died of pneumonia at 73 during the winter in February. sad. very sad only. she was kind, quiet, dog lady who was great with kids, self reliant and nicely retired, lived there almost 30 years, wow! her family held an estate sale two weeks after the funeral, all kinds of two-legged cockroaches pawing through her stuff, laughing and joking/coking it up like a party all day, then a couple days later, contractors ripped out all her drywall, paneling, yard stuff, rose trellises, old furniture, just threw it all in a big ugly rusted dumpster in the driveway, and all of her and her family gone forever. now i have ***holes for neighbors on both sides, scumbag family of juvies and ex-convicts on one side, and now noisy party animals just moved in to the other side, where my friend Judy sadly passed on from. as soon as i get 5 years of equity in the loan, i'm moving again, just too many ***holes too close. is it so damn hard to have some consideration for your neighbors??? i really hate humanity now, maybe Thanos was right....SNAP!!!

Sight Unseen

photosuckit has permanently locked me out of both my accounts, after numerous emails from me and ridiculous fee offers from them. all that contest lost to me forever. ugh. i had so many Avatar edits on there. *sighs*
What grinds my gears is fans who think they are entitled to a picture or an autograph just because they met their favorite celebrities. They often hassle them for either until the celebrities get angry and tell them to back off. They turn on them quickly when they are not given what they want by them. For example, Vanessa Hudgens was rushing to catch a plane when she ran into a mother and her daughter. The daughter was a big fan of hers due to seeing the High School Musical movies. Her mother requested an autograph. Vanessa said she didn't have time for that. The mother said she owed it to her daughter. Vanessa replied she didn't owe her anything. The mother called her a bitch. Celebrities don't owe us anything, except a good round of entertainment. If you meet them and are turned down by them for an autograph or picture when you ask for either, please respect their request. They are not your possessions.
Me, doing something
Someone else enters the room.
Someone else: Hey, would you like to get some lunch?
Me: Okay.
Someone else: Alright, then get/make some lunch.
* Other person leaves *
What is even the point of this conversation?
china...stop eating everything that walks and crawls.

murica...stop hoarding toilet paper and bottled waters. selfish morons.

n.korea n turkey...stop lying, you are filled with coronavirus.
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toilet paper hoarding isn't only a US thing

Glad to have a premier (head of provincial government) who does something even if it's really drastic. The prime minister though...
1. People that try to run me over in a crosswalk when I have the right of way (with the walk light on).
2. People messing with endangered/rare animals for food, unleashing a new virus.
3. Captain Cheeto not taking said virus seriously until he realized he can't sharpie the virus away, so now we are behind the curve.
4. Virus possibly delaying the Avatar sequels, yet AGAIN.
Avatar 2 being Delayed.... Because of covfefe, err I mean covid-19. But you know, waiting for Avatar2 has become a part of my life, one day I won't be waiting anymore and that will feel alien. How ever long it takes, as long as I'm breathing, I will be there, Hell Yeah!