What Really Grinds Your Gears? II: The Reckoning

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Well here we go again gents. We had this thread on Avatar-Forums, and being the pessimistic bunch of whingers we are, it did rather well. Basically, write about anything that annoys you or something bad you have personally experienced recently.

Grant me the honour of starting!

It grinds my gears when my favourite Avatar-based forum gets taken down from the internet. (No disrespect to this one :))
^ I agree ma tsmukan :( most of my Avatar journey was centered there. It feels so weird and sad not to be able to go to AF everyday.

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What grinds my gears? When people with no apparent heath issues try to relate with me when they aren't feeling well. Unless you have a severe or chronic medical condition you have no clue. You have a headache... I have a rare incurable condition that will kill me if it's not treated properly... It isn't the same so stop trying to make like it is.

religious whackjobs knocking on my front door, trying to convert/brainwash/suck out my life force. grrrrr. yeah, i'm calling you out, jehovahs witless freaks. leave me the hell alone. get off my lawn!!!:angry:

Sight Unseen

Being unable to do anything while this country goes to s***. This isn't localized to the US, I suppose. Fascism seems to be en vogue in the eurozone (and the UK) too. :(

On a more general note, politics. Politics grind my gears.

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Sight Unseen said:
Fascism seems to be en vogue in the eurozone (and the UK) too.

I have seen no fascism over here thank you sir. :P
Our vote to leave the EU let a tiny minority of empty-headed lager-guzzling chavs think it acceptable to beat up some foreigners but they were swiftly caught and dealt with.

What grinds my gears is opening my first bottle of corked wine yesterday. I don't know how this happened, but it wasn't good.
What grinds my gears is people throwing common sense out the window when they are dared to do something dangerous and stupid. They want to prove how tough they are. They know what they're doing is likely to result in serious injury or worse. They just don't care.
so i bought this new place a month ago, a nice 1985 traditional 3-floor townhouse, brick and wood, with a one car garage. i still have new home love going on right now, lol. anyway, i go to the store and buy a new rake to rake up all the leaves in the back yard. i'm out there today, nice warm weather, a cool lemonade, my cat playing in the pile of leaves, and ten minutes into raking, the rake head snaps off. wut???!:angry::angry::angry:

i look on the handle..............made in china. grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!! :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:

you commie bastards are gonna reap some bad karma. reap it!!!!
paying for commercial-free awesome Sirius XM, and i hear freakin' radio edit songs. WTF???!:angry::angry::angry: if you are paying for music, it damn sure better be the artist's original uncensored lyrics!!! i refuse to put up with censorship in all it's vile forms! XM is gonna hear from me!
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I should mention that I've heard like 5 to 10 times 'Bad Blood' in 2-3 days in June 2015.
I've also been able to count the number of times Carly Rae Jepsen says ''really'' in the chorus of 'I really like you'.
That was a trial version, but still.

i hear freakin' radio edit songs
My hypothesis is that the company is paid by the frequency of plays or something, so they try to squeeze as many songs as possible.

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When you are trying to socialize with new people but you can't have a conversation because the chosen venue has really loud music. And it isn't even good music.
celebrities who endorse products you know damn well they're never gonna use or own. case in point, Matthew McConnaughey and his Lincoln MKV. you seriously think that dude has a Lincoln on his estate grounds?! maybe the groundskeeper drives one. ironically, the other night on AMC after Walking Dead was over, i saw two commercials back to back, with McConnaughey in them, the first one was him drinking some Wild Turkey bourbon and telling you to drink up, and the second was him driving another fine SUV product from Lincoln. i think Matt was driving that car under the influence of some liquor, lol :P
My computer was full of malware after accidentally downloading something I shouldn't have. I couldn't access System Restore or install any anti-virus software. I couldn't even refresh or reset my computer. I was scared I had messed it up for good until I used Adware Cleaner presented by Malwarebytes to fix it. It resolved all the issues, and I managed to get System Restore and the ability to install anti-virus software back. I can refresh or reset my computer again. I used Malwarebytes to scan for the malware and found over two thousand five hundred pieces of it. I managed to delete every single one of them. Now, my computer is doing just fine.

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We were making bottle rockets at school today for STEM week (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). No matter how hard you try to prevent it, 10 year-olds WILL get the lemon juice, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda all over you. I only polished my brogues at the weekend. :xD:
i know this is petty in the grand scheme of things and very American of me, but i really hate it when some clown in front of me in the fast food drive-thru, orders 42,386 things off the menu, and i just wanted a spicy chicken sandwich and that oh so damn delicious cookies n cream milkshake all lickety-split. go inside with your order from hell, you no-manners rude neanderthal jerkoff!!! :angry::angry::angry:
What grinds my gears is conservatives demanding everyone boycott "Beauty and the Beast" starring Emma Watson because of a thirty-second scene that implies LeFou is gay. What really happens is he ends up accidentally dancing with another man during the Gaston song. Both men are shocked by this. It doesn't happen for the rest of the film. I honestly believe conservatives used this as an excuse to make noise. They're always accusing liberals of doing that, yet they are doing it themselves. Talk about hypocrisy.