What is the weather like at yours?

Here after a few days of on and off rain, had a chilly low of 42F this morning then a high of 78F with full sun, wind and near 90F weather is on the way hrh.


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It feels as if the last 2-3 weeks have been nothing but rain, but finally its sunny and beautiful spring weather, 73 and sunny currently.
Had some thunderboomers yesterday morning and the night before, today a band of rain is moving through and it is only 58F at 6pm and I love it, everything is green and lush, and I like the cool weather, hate the heat. I still think it is crazy that we can have June days that are cooler than some days we had last December when we hit the 70's.
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Sopyu ftu äo

I'm up in the mountains, outside of Sydney, so we have a "subtropical highland" climate. Our summers can be hot, we usually get a few 40c days over the summer, and weeks over 30c. Winters are cooler than down on the coast, and it'll drop into single figures at night. The main difference between us and the city is that the swings between day and night are more pronounced than down on the plain. It's possible to get up at dawn in the middle of winter and for it to be 6c outside and misty, but have brekkie, start work...and by time you get round to a mid morning coffee break it'll be 18c and bright sun.

One thing people don't expect is how wet it is. Here in our neck of the woods we get around 1,000mm of rain a year, which is more than Seattle. Thankfully, though we get a lot of mists, we don't get "drizzle" as such. When it rains, it tends to be short and torrential, and if Gaia wants to show off, we get a fantastic show of thunder and lightening to go with it.

The big downside to the weather (assuming you don't count fires as "weather" - that's another level of terrifying) is the hail. It can be genuinely frightening, giant lumps of ice hammering down from the sky. You can often to see any cars that people park without cover to have their bodywork pockmarked with dents and cracks from a bad hailstorm, and it can and does bring down tree limbs, and even destroy a tree entirely. The other downside is that UV radiation isn't a joke. UV levels over 10 are pretty common, and there's a reason the "Slip, slap, slop" warning message about sun protection became a national trope.
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Here is cold in the morning and hot the rest of the day, and sometimes it rains. Where I live there is no such thing as "let's see on the internet how the weather will be tomorrow" because everyday is a surprise :S
we've got smarch weather. it's the middle of march and the snow has just barely begun to melt and everyone's sick of looking at it but there's SO MUCH OF IT