What is the weather like at yours?

Yea, places in the high plains/front range went from 100+degree temps to accumulating snow in 48 hours. There were even some fires that were being driven by the heat in Colorado that got snowed on.
Here it was mostly sunny and in the upper 50'sF. Did get some rain this week and we needed it, love the cool low humidity air of late Autumn.
Yesterday morning it was 57F with near 50 mph wind gusts, then it was 24F by yesterday evening with 45 mph wind gusts and a few bursts of snow, this morning it was 11F with a wind chill of -4F, we may hit 55F the day after Christmas, lol
I wish it were like this here. The majority of our snow disappear with the rain of the last two days, but now it's snowing so we'll get a part of our snow back. But still not much.
Well 2020 went out with an ice storm here on the 29th, we had no power for 25 hours and several large limbs down on our porch, then we got 3 inches of snow on the first, now it's in the 50'sF for a couple of days.
This past Thursday night we had training thunderstorms that dumped 9inches of rain, with a town about 6 miles north of here getting 14 inches of rain, then the next day another storm blew in from the south and two trained weather spotters thought they saw funnel clouds heading into the city, so the Tornado sirens went off for 20 minutes, other than that just nasty summer humidity, thankfully we are not getting the blow torch the PacificNW and West Canada is seeing.
Here it has been relatively mild with sunny days, light winds, and just August weather. The smoke has even cleared out for a few days so the sky is actually blue for a change.
Here, warm with a "false" overcast from the wildfire smoke that has spread over the center of the country giving the sunlight a distinct peach color, it was think enough today to hold the highs down a few degrees from forecasts. No real fall cold fronts showing up yet. Bleh
We have had three days this December 39F or colder for a high, and at least 9 days 60F or higher we hit 70F+ two times, on the 15th of the month we had 70-80 mph winds with a tornado warned line of thunderstorms. And we hit 69F for a record warm Christmas Eve. This month has been beyond nuts.