What is the weather like at yours?

it was 58 degrees F above Davenport, Iowa, on Christmas Day, when i was visiting my brother and his family there, for the holidays.:shock: i have been driving there many years to visit them for the holidays, both when i was in the service, and my civilian years since. it always was cold and mostly snowy/wintry at Christmas, the last four years has been getting warmer and warmer. if people seriously don't think something is wrong with this planet, you are delusional and a trump puppet. stop burning coal and overpopulating, cutting down forests on a grand scale, and start looking for renewable energy sources. i am so disgusted with humanity. smh.
Hurricane Dorian has taken a northeast turn...towards me. very bad. the winds have been clocked over 150mph and gusts at 220mph, and weather channel is saying this is second strongest hurricane recorded since 1928! :shock::shock::shock: yikes!
Hopefully Dorian stays off shore, its a beast 185 mph.
My town had a close call in March where the Missouri river reached a record crest of over 32 feet (15 feet above flood stage). Thankfully the levees held, but there was lots of flooding around the area and some parts of mid town flooded some. Almost 6 months later the Missouri river is still above fs. We have had a moderate but very humid summer with a couple of big storms last week.
Oe mllte, (I agree). There are alot of Avatar stuff on IG and twitter, I also like following people on twitter for weather/climate updates. Damn internet, it sucked me in :P right now its calm mild and humid here with a high skeeter index :'D

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Courtesy of "NOAA Satellites."

At 4am it's currently 77°F, it's clear, and there's no wind. The humidity is 85% with a dew point at 71°F. The current visibility is 7 miles. The skies will be clear through the rest of the night / morning with a low of 74°F and some light winds from the south. Saturday the skies will be clear. The high will be 100°F today peaking at about 3PM with winds 2 to 8 mph from the south-southwest.

The allergy index is high at 11.2 (0 to 12). The air quality has been extremely bad the past week. The primary offenders are Ragweed, Elm, and Chenopods.

In other words, it's going to be one hot son of a biscuit with practically unbreathable air.
i lost power for about seven hours on Friday, when Hurricane Dorian went by Virginia Beach. tons of leaves, branches, and some loose trash to clean, but thankfully no damage to my house or others on my street, no flooding or anything, just a lot of wind and rain.

my heart goes out to those disaster victims in the Bahamas, it really is bad there and comparable to Puerto Rico two years ago. i've been watching the news there and death toll is 43 right now. so sad at such devastation. :(

i'm going to Jacksonville, FL on business for two weeks, on Wednesday, so i'll probably still see some cleanup going on from Dorian, as they had a lot of damage to trees and structures there too. we had to change hotel reservations because the first hotel had to temporarily close due to damage. these hurricanes seem to be getting more damaging over the years. :shock:
Dorian was devastating to the Bahamas, I mean I can't fathom what it is like to essentially have an EF4 Tornado that is 30 miles wide with 20 feet of water in it decide to sit on you for hours on end. Just tragic. Looks like Dorian hit Canada hard as well as a cat 2 equivalent storm, and a cat2/3 typhoon also hit Tokyo in the past day.
As for here, not too hot but very humid today, near 90F weather is returning for the next few days with more high humidity so ready for cool fall weather.
Here in NW Missouri, it has been a HUMID summer, but we haven't hit higher than 95F, but plenty of 85-94F weather with dew points near 80F at times, had two Nasty storms hit the city in June, both of them after midnight, one of them ripped some of the roof off a museum in town, and the tornado sirens went off with transformers blowing in the distance, so had to get a dog who is scared of the basement steps to the basement, lol, the other storm took out a tree in our yard and had gusts estimated to 80mph bringing down trees all over town, then in July there were massive downpours, producing flash flooding in town 3 times in a 10 day period and causing some steep yards to slide off onto the sidewalk like a cheeseburger bun on a burger with too much cheese. But the mosquitoes are having a grand time. Lol
^ hi Wind :)

it finally stopped raining today, it's drying up a bit but now there are two storms possibly gonna be hurricanes soon, more rain. ugh. anybody need some rain?!
Kaltxì ma Ja'k :D as for here, August has mellowed out, even had some not hot weather for a couple weeks, this last week was warm, and with the A/C out at work, it has been annoying, but we have cooled off a bit again with some free A/C courtesy of Canada ;).
i would love to be able to invent a cloudbusting/seeding device that can redistribute precipitation where it's needed, like the entire West Coast/Southwest/Colorado River states that so richly deserve tons of rain.
Looking at California from the visible satellite feeds is something, waay too many fires :/, sadly cloud seeding can only go so far, if there is too strong a ridge preventing moisture and rising air, there is not much that can be done in a short term way. :(
We went from the low 90'sF to the 50'sF for afternoon temps in two days! With a stiff wind and drizzle to boot! And you know what? I love it! The older I get, the more I can't stand the heat and humidity( also my cheap place of work won't fix the A/C so I say bring on the cool.
We went from the low 90'sF to the 50'sF for afternoon temps in two days! With a stiff wind and drizzle to boot! And you know what? I love it! The older I get, the more I can't stand the heat and humidity( also my cheap place of work won't fix the A/C so I say bring on the cool.

I think it was snowing in Colorado