What games are you playing right now?

i've discovered how incredibly easy it is to mod starbound thru steam, so. basically lots of starbound.

god help me i'm puttin keyblades in the game and playin as a fuzzy space velociraptor
i have no videogames on this roadtrip sadly, but i have been watching tv series episodes with the volume muted, lol. such fun! :D:D:D

people look stupid with no audio. :P
got back into wow to grind for flying in legion

GUH so much arbitrary, unnecessary GATING! wanna level up your professions (because after a certain level all your recipes go grey and won't level it up anymore)? DUNGEONS AND RAIDS!
want to complete the suramar storyline? RAID! want to complete your class hall campaign? DUNGEONS AND RAIDS (unless you're a druid)! want to complete the legionfall storyline? gotta complete your class hall campaign first, because the 7th quest in WILL NOT SHOW UP unless you have!

and don't even get me STARTED on the friggin falcosaur mount quest. RAIDS! DUNGEONS! PVP! BATTLE PETS!

like. i get it blizzard, you want the player base to experience as many aspects of the game as possible, but this is honestly turning the game into a slog.

i mean, i didn't start till MoP but i've heard horror stories about vanilla and how stupidly long and tedious and awful the quests to get literally ANYTHING were. people complained, and blizzard got rid of them. why are you bringing them back, blizzard?
Now Fallout 4 and it's DLC's. Of course the with 154 mods. :D
And GTA modding. Oh I love it. By the way, you guys should check this out, this mod is a masterpiece:





I'm still playing GTA5 and occasionally hit up SpinTires Mudrunner.

I was thinking about going back and playing some Avatar The Game.
i bought and finished The First Tree on steam last sunday. it made me bawl like a baby 10/10

and i've been grinding the firelands waiting for ragnaros to drop his stupid bird so i can stop going there i am SICK of the firelands
Space Engineers. That's an awesome game. Me, and some friends started a survival in early October, and we have a pretty nice base on Mars. By the way... Have you guys seen this? :shock::shock: