What Are You Eating, Tree Of Souls?


Mother Falcon
Had a piece of bread with organic molasses, organic peanut butter, and a bit of maple syrup. Dangerous experimentation, mind you.
Making one of the biggest necroposts ever on this site just 'cause I feel like sharing this contraption:

Black beans with chopped bell pepper and chunks of pineapple (would use mango if I had it), all cooked together,

poured on top of

a single fried egg, letting the yolk run out when it's broken,

inside of

a baked sweet potato,


a smattering of shredded monterey jack cheese and cheddar cheese on top of the whole thing.


I've been meaning to try out the Pine64 PinePhone how is it?
It's great for what it is! It's a bit hard to compare it to contemporary smartphones, but as essentially a tiny Linux laptop that can also do calls and texts, it's great. Definitely an extremely niched device though and much more of a community prototype than a commercial product. If all of that's up your alley though and you're happy to do a lot of tinkering, I can recommend it :)