Ways To Cope With The Depression Of The Dream Of Pandora Being Intangible.

Sport helps alot trust me.

That is true, ma Tsmuk, it is tough to be getting philosophical thoughts about the movie when you are slanting for the sideline, driving past the opposing midfielders, positioning yourself for a pass to your team's Center Forward.
I'm not sure that being on a pair of Langlauf skiis, out in the middle of a snowed over Alpine Meadow would keep you from thinking of the beauty of the forests in the movie. I think that it would have to be an intense competitive winter team sport like hockey to get your mind far from the movie.
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What about doing things in our world that simulate things from Pandora? Such as...
-Learning to hang-glide (oh heck yes)
-Appreciating our wildlife
-Riding horses
-Learning of our own natural culture
-Traveling around our world (our just our location, even!)
-Becoming a scientist?
-Go out in nature
- Study nature
-Skiing, any fast sport in nature that gets your blood pumping
-Learn Na'vi language, or any other
-Learn about our own spiritual balances on Earth

And...well...lucid dreaming works too, as long as waking isn't too disappointing...

Also, I like what Moco Loco had to say. Look at Pandora as a version of the story of our earth..it might help find to appreciate this planet a bit more and find what makes us happy -here-.

I apologize if i'm bumping a ...year..old..thread...oh dear...

Moco Loco

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I'm usually the first to call someone out for necroposting, but nice post
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Over the past 3 years there has been a lot of talk on the very deep feelings and emotions people (Including Me) experenced after seeing Avatar.
I beleve the root source of those emotions and feelings at least in some people go much deeper then a lot of the topical reasons I see mentioned here. I am going to refrence an interview by James Cameron on Dreams, Avatar and the creative process.
But first let me say has anyone ever realy questioned the root core source of this deep feeling people speak upon, there a real posability it does not come entirely from the film itself . Avatar points to a part of our very deep primal core human inner understanding that is also tied in with "Dream understanding". James Cameron through Imersive 3D Visuals and Primal music and sound sought a way for the cinema audiece to collectivly share and experence the Waking Dream state tied into A mirror story as well. this is what makes Avatar so unique and diffrent from other films and there is a reason why "It has to do with our unique inner core viewpoint" When in the Waking dream state that jumps down to a level much deeper then one thinks. when one combines a person in the waking dream state with a Mirror story that shows our "reflection" We see Two films in one.
The film itself and what it reflects upon But its how we "See" Avatar that makes the big diffrence from Avatar and other films with a similer themes, When one exprences a waking dream state Cameron Beleaves it opens a door Its a place where the brain free assoates Images and emotions and deep feelings ,With the Brain free assoating creating these strong archetypal images,, I think there may be some real archaic memory there that goes back beyond your own life span and I am not talking about past life stuff I am talking more like realy primitive "atavistic" (Atavistic | Define Atavistic at Dictionary.com)
Stuff thats in the roots of our DNA (Science point of view) or Ancient Ancestral deep core memorys (Spiritual point of view) In this state He Beleaves we are able to "draw on these core memorys" And these powerful images and deep feelings can overtake us and sometimes they are strong enougth to rember.
Instead of trying to explain all he speaks on I will share to radio interview with James Cameron as he speaks on Dreams the creative process and the very strong links To Dreams inside Avatar.

Avatar Director James Cameron talks about Dreams - YouTube

My intrest. What are peoples thoughts and feelings behind this understanding ?
I must also add I beleave quite deeply that Cameron intended people to follow what Avatar reflects on back to its
source if one has the desire to do so and not get seek excapism on Pandora. it can be a very inciteful learning experence. The Na'Vi culture while "unique" also feels very familer they "Mirror" through there heartfelt core examples there roots from our own native peoples.
Camerons deep reseach into native mytholigy reflects these very deep roots. Cameron sees real value in this understanding and what it can teach our people, has said If he had met the Caiapo people of the Amazon he could have made a much better film, He is sending He has been invited by the Caiapo people to do just that and let the cast members get a chance to live and speak with the Caiapo people for severel weeks so they can see first hand what they go through to survive and take part in the village community it will be a learing experence for the cast and a chance for them to sit down and speak face to face with the Caiapo village comunity and see with there own hearts the the feelings they have to share .
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That would help actors with non Native blood, who have not spent their childhoods, or significant portions of their childhoods on reservations, "keep it real" when they play their roles in the movie. That will help draw many of the people into the movie itself, and help them feel what is supposed to be going on in the movie itself. That would probably be a good thing, IF it spurs people NOT into "Separation Anxiety" over not being on a non existent moon, but MOTIVATES them to get out in the world and do what they can to turn this planet's headlong free fall into destruction at the hands of money hungry maniacs, into a return towards what it WAS a thousand years ago. Shy of a world wide Human Pandemic cutting the human population to about one, one thousandth of it's current numbers, it will be tough to restore to the paradise it once was.
Lucid dreaming is the most cool thing who knows ..... Lucid I dream about six months but not every day ... I really like that in a lucid dream from last night to bind and you can continue the storyline .... learn Lucid not dream in one night is a long time and also you need to have a good method .... in a dream you can do whatever you want and it's my second of world I live .... actually the two worlds is one reality and the other is in my Title ...
It is recommended to learn this kind of dreaming
One of the things that's big in the brony community that I learned about in my experiences with them is tulpas.

Has anyone ever considered a Na'vi tulpa, and Pandora as wonderland?
Tulpa, it sounds so.. different and exciting. But it just seems like 200 hours of essentialy making an intangible (or imaginary for an.. unkind word) friend is a bit of a waste of time, but I still have the sliiiiiiiight urge to try it. Has it worked for anyone?
Yes, but we didn't feel "their" emotions or construct "their" personal beliefs, smell, prejudices, likes, dislikes, ectcetera. It was just a friend you talked to and (for me) played imaginary cops and robbers with.