The Way of Water deleted scenes

Anybody get to see the deleted scenes of TWOW? Someone had them uploaded to Youtube:

The most noteworthy one to me was the extended one where Jake and Neytiri fight the RDA at the end of the movie and Neytiri holds Spider hostage:

Particularly this extremely violent side of Neytiri really puts the character in a different light for me. It was justified maybe, as Neteyam had just died, but it came across to me that she is getting mentally unstable from all the loss she had to go through. I guess it is good they cut it out, but a slightly mentally unstable Neytiri has actually become part of my head-canon now.
I actually like this extended scene better. Neytiri deserves to become a little unhinged. Quarich and the RDA have taken so much from her. But she and Jake should have taken Quarich out together (I know, he needed to stay around for more movies).

Sopyu ftu äo

I agree. This really works and adds a lot of emotional conflict and depth. Neytiri's character absolutely needed this, and it does give much needed context to Spider's subsequent actions, and make him more sympathetic.

It's a real shame this was left out, and though JC has said there's no intention of doing it, I really do hope we see an extended cut with some of the deleted scenes that TWOW really feels like it's needed all along. I remember on the first watching in the cinema I felt like a lot of the movie was missing, and left on a cutting room floor somewhere.