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<Eltu> Something that does feel pretty fitting for the Avatar setting

<Raiden> Eltu: Yeah, but wouldn't you say that character growth is one of the greatest draws of RPGs or games with RPG elements?

<Eltu> There's many kinds of character growth, gameplay/mechanical is only one

<Eltu> I agree that's *a* great draw but it doesn't have to be there if the game is compelling otherwise

<Raiden> Well, my point is that if they go the "traditional" route, and have a skill tree, they might struggle to fill it with abilities.

<Eltu> I don't think the best Avatar experience would be an RPG at all, really - at least not in the "gameplay" sense of the term, but rather the narrative sense

<Eltu> I agree, which is why I feel the open world part would work greatly, but not so much the RPG gameplay direction

<Eltu> (which is fine, it doesn't need to be there)

<Raiden> I agree, it doesn't need to have a skill tree (or comparable feature), but there might be a lot of pressure for it to have one.

<Eltu> At least there's somewhat of a "progression fatigue" going on in the industry that might work to its benefit

<Eltu> Used to be every single game suddenly needed some form of persistent progression - just look at Call of Duty 4 and beyond

<Eltu> No matter the game, let's throw in leveling and XP!

<Eltu> ...seems like that's changing a bit now and there's a return to only using those mechanics when they really do make sense

<Raiden> Hahaha, yeah. I haven't heard of "progression fatigue" though, and I'm glad it's catching on; that was getting really out of control.

<Eltu> The FPS genre is a good example of where there's a return to more skill-based and short-term gameplay

<Eltu> Overwatch, Doom, Wolfenstein, etc.

<Raiden> It'd be funny to see somebody make a small parody game of that

<Eltu> Closest I can think of is Duty Calls

<Eltu> They parodied the ranking system in a pretty hilarious way

<Raiden> Like, a Sims-esque game where every 10 actions you take (walking, picking up objects, drinking, talking to people) gives you experience


<Raiden> And then as you gain experience, the number of actions shrinks to 8, then to 5, then to 3, then to 1 (every action)

<Raiden> And then gaining experience gains you experience

<Eltu> :D

<Raiden> And every time you level up, you gain an ability that automatically happens whenever you take an action

<Raiden> Talking to another character? Instead, you fire a laser beam from your mouth!

<Raiden> Jumping now catapults you 10 feet in the air, whether you like it or not

<Eltu> Ha, quite on point

<Raiden> So eventually, walking outside of your house would cause your front door to explode off the hinges, you'd race to the mailbox at the speed of sound knocking it over, you'd fire laser beams from your eyes while trying to read the mail, etc.

<Raiden> Waving to your neighbor would instantly decapitate them, and trying to pet their dog would transform it into a +20 Dire Death Canine, which would then terrorize the city

<Eltu> Ahahah

<Raiden> Eventually the game would just crash because there'd be too much going on

<Raiden> And that's how you'd win