The IRC Quotes Thread.


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21:21 Eltu Hmm, can you ban this bot?
21:21 Eltu Just curious
21:21 --- Eltu has banned Toruk!*@*
21:21 --- Toruk has unbanned Toruk!*@*
21:21 Eltu Wtf
21:21 Leonopteryx haha
21:21 Leonopteryx NO HAZ BANZOR
21:21 Immo39 lol
21:21 --- Eltu has banned Toruk!*@*
21:21 *** Toruk was kicked by Eltu (Eltu)
21:21 --- has unbanned Toruk!*@*
21:21 *** Toruk joined #TreeOfSouls
21:21 +++ ChanServ has given op to Toruk
21:21 Immo39 lol.
21:21 Eltu OH FFS

Eltu's fail :P

Eltu's fail :P

Well, all I can say is:


[17:52:59] <Tsmukanskirov> Swatch from Croatia = Crotch. "What time is it? Let me look on my crotch"
[17:53:10] <Thorinair> LOOOOOOOL
[17:53:11] <Xynthokovic> Lol
[17:53:15] <Thorinair> AHHAHAHAAH
[17:53:19] <Thorinair> oh dear Eywa :D
[17:53:24] <Xynthokovic> Epic win


NaviFrog Owner
I'm guessing that the admins are still ironing out the numerous problems with the start up of the forum.. give a few weeks and they'll probably have more time to have more memorable quotes on the IRC :)

Sacred Tsahaylu

<Xynth> Alright, first of all... randomness can only be achieved SPONTANEOUSLY. You cannot plan in advance exactly what you'll type, because you don't know what the others will respond, right? (You don't care what others say anyways, but that's for a future chapter in this guide). Alright, so the first thing you'll want to do is pick a mascot. For instance, a seagul!
<Xynth> Create a backstory for them, something very weird and not at all fitting the animal/object/human/girl(sexist jokes aren't always fun, so don't bother)
<Xynth> End of part 1
Epic random lesson

Davy Jones

The Neytiriator
This was a triumph.
I'm making a note here; iKame Kame Ellie Eltu mikkowilson Sacred lost the game.
It's hard to overstate my satisfaction
Xynth productions
We do what we must because we can.
For the good of all seaguls, except the ones who are dead
But there's no sense crying over every ninat, you just keep on trying 'til you get some neytirijuice
And when the tsahaylu is done then you make a neat bow to kill quaritch with every day.
I'm not even angry.
I'm being so sincere right now
Even though you stole neytiri from me
And made some tsahaylu
Even though she, did not, consent
As I turn to kill Eltu, I was so happy for .. me.
Now these lines in IRC makes a ****ed up song
It doesn't rhyme or anything but that's cos Eltu sings along
So I'm glad I got ditched, think of all the things I learned, while tsaheyluing with Neytiri's clone.
Go ahead and kill me. Yes I cloned her, twice actually.
Maybe I'll find someone else to clone, lol!
Maybe Ninat!
That was a joke, HAHA! Fat chance.
Anyway Neytiri's great she's so delicious and moist
Look at me still talking while there's tsahaylu to do
When I look at Ninat it makes me glad I'm not Eltu
I've Neytiris to clone, I have tsaherpes to spread, to the people who are still alive.
And believe me you are - Still Alive.
You'll get tsaherpes but you'll be - Still Alive.
You'll try to suicide but you'll be - Still Alive.
Still Alive.
Still Alive.

This is what happens when I get bored - Strange stuff pops up in IRC.
100% improvisation


NaviFrog Owner
20:59 Eltu XYNTH
20:59 Eltu Do NOT say anything
20:59 Xynth ..hai?


20:59 FoxDie130 Too late
20:59 *** Xynth was kicked by Eltu (Too late.)
20:54 Eltu Hi MGCJerry
20:54 HumanNoMore do want...

And then:

20:55 MGCJerry noooooooooooooooooooooooooes

With context:
<@Thorinair> Id wish for Neytiri >>
* MGCJerry ( has joined #TreeOfSouls
<@Eltu> Hi MGCJerry
<@HumanNoMore> do want...
<@HumanNoMore> morning
<@HumanNoMore> well, afternnoon actually
<@Eltu> ---
<@HumanNoMore> lol
<Immo39> QUOTE
<MGCJerry> .... ....
<@HumanNoMore> bad timing
<@HumanNoMore> --
<MGCJerry> noooooooooooooooooooooooooes
<MGCJerry> :P
<@Eltu> Hahahaha
<@HumanNoMore> sorry if I scared you
<@HumanNoMore> just a timing fail
<Iawn> Im not a spammer
<Iawn> Im an artist
<Iawn> My spam is art
<@Thorinair> :D
<Iawn> Like this
<@Leonopteryx> /kick Iawn GTFO MY LAWN
* R-D-A ( has joined #TreeOfSouls
<Iawn> OMFG
<Iawn> RLY
<Walas00> Banhama de isk spama!


Great Leonopteryx has joined #TreeOfSouls
<Leonopteryx>30 GTFO MY LAWN IAWN
<Iawn> NO
<Iawn> MY LAWN
<Walas00> lol
<Walas00> hahahah
<Iawn> i r own it
<Iawn> NOEWS
* 21Leonopteryx has kicked Iawn from #TreeOfSouls (GTFO MY LAWN21)


Sig-Making Guy
Sovereign is now known as Sovereign|Making
@Leonopteryx: LOVE TO NINAT
Sovereign|Making is now known as Sovereign|Making_Sigs

(Forgot you cannot use spaces in IRC nicks).
<@Thorinair> ar0c6
<@Thorinair> ar0c6
<@Thorinair> ar0c6
<@Thorinair> ar0c6
<@Thorinair> wake UP
<FoxDie130> wake DOWN
<+Sovereign> that only works on me
<+Sovereign> :P
<@HumanNoMore> wake SIDEWAYS
<@HumanNoMore> hehe
<FoxDie130> wake BACKWARDS
<FoxDie130> wake DIAGONAL!
<@HumanNoMore> wake PARALLEL
<@Thorinair> Neytiri voice: "ar0c6, ma ar0c6, wake up, ar0c6 wake up please!"
* orcakat ( has joined #TreeOfSouls
<FoxDie130> wake ACUTE ANGLED
<@HumanNoMore> kaltxi orcakat
<+Sovereign> wake IN FOUR DIMENSIONS
<FoxDie130> wake IN STRING THEORY
<@Thorinair> orcakat: CHAOS, DEATH; DESTRUCTION