Text color change & other weird stuff

So a few minutes ago while I was previewing a PM, something happened that I had never seen happen before. The text colors for the links on the left-hand side of the page (what you usually see when drafting a PM) had changed. Instead of the usual blue, I saw red and grey. They reverted back after I refreshed the page. Yet even now still, every few times I click on a link within ToS the blue will be replaced by red and grey. I managed to get a screenshot of it so no one thinks my eyes are having attacks of colorblindness:


I don't like the look of it. It looks...evil. :stare:

Maybe it's related, maybe it isn't, but while this happened one time while I had the home page loaded the shoutbox wasn't working. In its place was some kind of error message and code I couldn't understand. I didn't get a screenshot of that and fortunately the page looked normal after a refresh, but even so... Maybe it's nothing to worry about but the sudden change of colors just kinda creeps me out a little bit.

What gives? :gconfused:
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Saw the same problem, made a screenshot of the shoutbox + error message.

The background on the left and right was white when I saw it (on normal style it's black), it's not there because I didn't resize the image properly.


Maybe a (standard)style mix-up issue?

Pa'li Makto

This might be an unrelated issue perhaps but it's still a little weird.
When I switch computers and log onto TOS, the Papyrus text only shows up on one computer and the other computer replaces Papyrus to another text. I'm using the same web browser for both computers.
It most likely doesn't have it installed; in which case the browser will substitute it for another font - the way HTML/CSS works is that it allows the browser to substitute a font that is close if the required one is missing, as it usually specifies two or three in preference order.