Songs That Make You Think Of Avatar.


Go to 4:50, and listen to the end. It reminds me of Neytiri after defeating the colonel and saving Jake/seeing his true self for the first time.


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Too many to list.. ;)



Palulukan Makto

My hairs stand on end when listening to this... I know it's just a song but... It grips me, and I am reminded of Pandora and Neytiri instantly. :cry:

*sigh* :(
Pfft, I've been ignoring this thread for too long xD...Nightwish and Halo are awesome, btw, guys :P
Two songs that remind me of Avatar you can get to by clicking around in my sig

Link 1: Night Bird by Deep Forest (ignore the nasty comments on this one...:()
Link 2: While the Earth Sleeps by Deep Forest and Peter Gabriel

I know what it takes to move on,
I know how it feels to lie,
All I want to do
is trade this life for something new
Holding on to what I haven't got.

Sounds like some Marine who finds his way doesn't it? :xD:

Greatest Avatar music video you will ever see. :xD:
Because of this video, when I hear the song "John's Walk" (the song in the video), I think of Avatar.




Moco Loco

Dandy Lion
Way before I had real dreams about Pandora, I had about ten where I was on an ISV back to Earth. I remembered nothing concrete about my visit, only that I loved being there and I was very unhappy to be leaving. This is the song which goes with those feelings.

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Na'vi Dreamtime - beautiful fan created flute music with Na'vi singing



Pamtseo Vitra
Just found this one;

And it really nailed Pandora for me, can't explain why, but I got that feeling. Especially from the 1m mark onwards. Can't wait to see a full release.