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Between Waterfall and Helensburgh, south of Sydney, the railway was diverted many decades ago onto a new alignment to avoid the difficult and steep climb up the Illawarra range. This area is a damp subtropical rainforest, and the deep cuttings of the old alignment have been reclaimed by nature in the most spectacular fashion, and bioluminescent glow-worms now live in the tunnels.
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Lord Howe Island, NSW. I haven't had a chance to visit yet, but this tiny rock far out in the Pacific, where the Coral Sea and Tasman sea meet, is definitely on my bucket list. Lord Howe is the eroded remains of volcano, and is home to Gaia's southernmost coral reef, and it is rumoured, may be the location of the paradise itself. Picture by Jordan Robins.Jordan-Robins-Mount-Gower-To-The-Sea-_-Lord-Howe-Island.png
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