Share your beautiful pictures

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You've seen a beautiful picture but you don't know where to share it? Well, the place is here!
It can be anything that brings positiveness on our world or our lives.
Whatever. If it's beautiful and isn't about an Avatar character (we have threads for that), here's the place. If we post regularly, then it will be nice to consult this thread in a couple of months.

Let's start with this:

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great thread idea, thanks :) nice pictures, and i feel better already. i shall return with some pictures myself, some from the net, and some of my 2012 Grand Canyon trip. bbl.

I remember that evening. I was at the quay of St-Jean-Port-Joli on June 19, 2015. There's a restaurant-bar nearby so you hear the music. Probably a place I'd go to. The sun sets at 8:30 pm at that time of the year. There were boats and the water near the quay was serene. Perfect weather overall. You can watch the sun disappear behind the mountains.

I'd love to revive the summer of 2015.
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i love this wallpaper i found on the net several years back, is my wall on one of my laptops currently. i find it very soothing, for some reason. i am currently rearranging my photobucket account and adding my Grand Canyon pics, will post some soon. :)

i loved seeing the Azure Window during several visits to Malta, during my US Navy days, and once later on a contractor trip to Lisbon, Portugal. unfortunately it collapsed today due to erosion and time, but it was world famous for natural beauty and architecture, underwater caves, snorkeling, and just such a serene seaside area. it will be missed.