Real Life Na'vi Tribe

I've asked about that too some time ago, and the answer I got was that well, no house lasts forever anyway. (I'm not sure if I'm satisfied. :P)
What happened with this, and Blue Moon Tribe? I look up people I used to know in both projects, and they haven't been online (here or on Learn Na'vi forum) since 2013, 2014, 2015.

I left the project in early 2015, but only the group, my plans haven't changed. Now I've found myself a husband with the same goals and we'll go "be wild" together somewhere, mostly since I don't do well in groups.

But I still want to see the project succeed and can help with that (and I know a lot more now).

Are any people still up for that? Or has interest died completely?

I also wish the forum for Blue Moon Tribe was still around. The threads and info for Project Tribal is still around on the LN forum, but there was a lot better info at BMT (no offense), and the forum was taken down by hackers years ago. I contacted Auroraglacilialis who had the server, but she needed Eltu, and I don't know what became of him.


Hi Nìmwey - haven't heard from you in a while :)

The Blue Moon Tribe sadly fell gradually into a state of disorganization when a few of us left for a large variety of reasons (me included, and I did not handle this as well as I could have).

Between me, Kestor (who also left and I do not know what became of) and Aurora, the majority of the organization effort vanished over a short period of time - and indeed this culminated in the website and forum itself going down. I think a handful of members also either came to the conclusion these goals were not for them after all, or deeply wanted to but found the level of resources, planning and logistics needed overwhelming.

Personally, for me I think the goals of the BMT have changed into somewhat of an distant (but still longing) dream rather than something I want to currently spend my life pursuing - this probably have mostly to do with that I now found myself in a state of happiness already, something I did not expect at the time. Some others may have found similar conclusions, though I can of course only speak for myself.

As one of the most active BMT members I do of course still find the vision inspiring, and I did leave somewhat abruptly and with a lack of communication on my part - something I tried to redeem later through some explanatory posts on the forums, but they are gone at this point.

I do want to apologize since my lack of communication was certainly a part of why things unfolded the way they did. I hope the two of you do find a way to reach this goal - as I'm sure you know it's harder than it may seem at first! If I can help out (I may be able to find the old resources somewhere, for instance) let me know and I'll do what I can.

Marvellous Chester

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Crikey! I didn't expect to see this thread again. Salutations Nimwey, The Silver Stag here, the new and improved (and civilized) version.

While the idea still appeals to me, I have my doubts as to whether I can realistically pursue it. I have moved up slightly in the world, having finally found a job/career I love and would very much like to see where it goes. Like Eltu I was, at the time, very enthusiastic about it but now I have found certain things that I don't think I would be willing to give up, things I did not have several years ago.

I am pleased to hear from you though, how is life?

EDIT: And now I sit here wondering what happened to all those good people I knew. Kestor, Chris, Pa'li Makto, Advent, Anna, Keyil, Pygmy and others I am probably forgetting. At the time I had such high hopes for Blue Moon and still have all our old conversations stored on my hard drive. It would be nice to know what they are all up to and if they are well.
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I can confirm that the members of the tribe projects from both forums have pulled the plug, back in 2013-2014

I like the project. When I read the threads, I saw how serious the intention was. However, I think that this project didn't have the ingredients to work, and not necessarily by your fault.
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from a core perspective ,, where would a group like this find land to "enable" this dream ? the requirement in building a community "bubble" would not only be land but survivable place on earth that would allow for the un harassed practice of that kind of world view "Ethos" and that's quite a challenge,, I have already shared examples of Native community's that have created "self sufficient" places like this.. where one can walk this path and the historical and political challenges they faced in there desire to do so ,, to do this for real one would probably need to build "bridging relations with a traditinal people who had a sovereign protected territory within a livable land boundary ,, that operated under ethos principles the group is looking to live under or find an unclaimed land mass we don't know about that could sustain such a Tribe no easy task , "but" historically possible.

suggestion ,, Take a look at peoples and there history who have "already done this "and look at history of how they did
so.. how did they make there "Dream" into a reality ..learn to read or see the Two Row Wampum and its symbology to better understand this struggle ,, The "bridge" at Disney's world of Pandora , a shoji gate at entrance of a temple are all examples of these non physical strutures.