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I've come to the conclusion that the Universe is trolling us Avatar fans... After all of the waiting and delays for various reasons, The sequels are delayed AGAIN by a pandemic from a disease that you can't spell without "Na'vi in the center... "coroNAVIrus" and to beat it everyone is asked to follow Quaritch's order... Masks On! IDK maybe I'm losing my mind ��.
And if you want to go further down the rabbit hole, at the end of the project 880 script Josh(Jake) warned the leaving humans that if they ever tried to come back, Eywa would create a virus that would destroy humans... And now here we are waiting to "return to Pandora" with a virus stopping us... :P
oh. my. god. masks on. ugh i am revolted by colonel coffeecup telling me what to do.

How to be a victim of fraud in 2010: Enter information on sketchy websites or buy without proper verification
How to be a victim of fraud in 2020: Just exist

That could also belong to "What really grinds your gears".
well, it's almost 5 months into 2021, and pretty much nothing has changed. a used mask blew onto my driveway as trash, i'm still wearing a mask, i have to wear a mask at work still, and my favorite bar hangout spot remains closed. *sighs* i think used masks will become the new plastic bottles pollution.


dreaming of iknimaya
It's 2022...where did the time go? Miss all the awesome people who used to come around the community. However, there are still lots of great people around, and totally new ones, hope some day soon the oldies find their way home, even if it's just to say hello.

Until then, Happy New Year ToS :party: