Random Thought and Chatter.

wishing everyone well during this coronavirus pandemic mess, take care of yourselves and let's get through this nightmare so we can meet up in December 2021 for the continuation of the Omaticaya Clan's journey of transcendence and coexistence. may we meet again, Avatar Fans! :)
With all the movie delays, and production delays becsuse of the coronavirus, once the dust settles I am afraid, our sequels will be delayed yet again. unreal.
Well the first "delays" were JC needing time to pull his vision together, which didn't bother me(sure it sucked when the studio got ahead of JC's time line and the dates got pushed back). But it appears that the Avatar team was really going to be ready by Dec. 2020, but Disney bought Fox and made another delay based on what Disney wanted, that was kind of a gut punch, and this past winter it FINALLY felt like we were getting back to where we were last year, getting right up to the final ramp leading to Avatar 2, when out of the blue, a historic Pandemic has decided to show up and overnight, it feels like we are back to, the sequels are coming, but we don't know when, because no one knows how much this event is going to wreck movie schedules and production along with everything else, you could litteraly make a movie about Avatar fans waiting for thier sequels lol.
That reminds me an image I made less than a year ago: