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Just something I noticed, the "previous thred/next thread" link is right under the post button, and when using a tablet, if your finger is just slightly off, you will find that instead of your comment posted, you will be in another thread with your comment destroyed :P I didnt know if it was possible for that link to be made to be a bit further fromthe post button. If not, no big deal :)

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Indeed this is an issue. That and me accidentally hitting the back button or various other buttons by mistake, which is very easy on a tablet. Now I type all of my messages formatting and all in Google Docs or the mobile version of Microsoft Word so it automatically saves what I'm typing periodically and I don't have to worry about losing my post. Just a simple copy and paste and if anything goes wrong just copy and paste again. :)



As a temporary workaround, if you hit "Go Advanced" and compose your reply there, the "Previous Thread" and "Next Thread" links won't be anywhere near the post button :)