Post Your HD Pictures Of Neytiri!

Locked until April 22 :D

At that time, the old picture thread will be locked and we will start a new era of high quality images.

Images in this thread must be 720p or 1080p (that is 1280x720 or 1920x1080, or larger) quality, and still images only.
Can't wait :D

This thread needs moar Neytiri.
Until then, enjoy this:
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Here we go!!! I'm even making a separate folder exclusively for HD photos :D

Actually now that I think about it I may need to get an external hard drive if I get too out of control haha
People still upload the images to whatever image host they use, and just post the links here to display them. We will simply remove those that do not conform to the requirements.


Will that mean i need red/cyan type glasses?

Yes you will need the Red/Blue glasses. I'm not exactly sure where to buy them, but I think they are easy to find. Just have to go to the right store.

I have 2 pairs of them that came with a 3D Picture book. So you can get them that way or just buying a pair separately. :)


Stupid Sky Person...
2 pages and not a single HD picture of our blue goddes.
one in high resolution, but too fuzzy to be high definition.

YAY can you get an HD one of when Neytiri tells jake about Toruk, theres one scene where that soft orange glow just amplifies her soft features, I think that she looks amazing there! :D

this one?