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Marvellous Chester

Aristocratic Villain
I always like to try new beers and wines. Does that count as a hobby?

If not, I began learning to play the violin this August. I love the sound of this instrument and there are many pieces of music I'd love to be able to play on it, including pieces from video game soundtracks.

Sadly I have no musical background of any kind so as well as learning to play the violin, I am having to learn how to read music and sight-read. I am quite pleased with the progress I have made in 3 months though, as is my teacher.
I like acquiring hidden knowledge, and tinkering with small electronics. Making some of the cool gadgets seen on youtube vids.
Soon, I'll begin lifting weights and eating religiously healthy.
I'd also love to learn how to dance, or learn a new martial art.
i have over 14,000 gifs now, and that's just on my regular pc and external drive, that is on daily or so. i have dozen of usb sticks and old laptop drives that have even more, but most of that stuff is still in moving boxes, waiting to be unpacked and put away.

movie gifs, Steelers football gifs, actors/actresses gifs, nature gifs, cat gifs, funny stuff, war gifs, all kinds of gifs, even gifs of adult entertainment, if you know what i mean lolz i think i have about another 10,000 or so from my older accounts on sites like AF and others. i shall have to get a running count someday, probably once i get all settled in. they don't call me the Gif Collector for nothing.

here's an example...my top 5 favorite actresses. Zoe :love: Jen :love: Emma :love: Emily :love: and Linds. :love:





l am interested in old technology, for instance during lockdown l collected vintage pocket radios.
As lockdown went on for a long time, l ended up with about forty of them !!
l am interested in old technology
I am as well. Though not in radios, but in old PCs from roughly 1985 to 2005. I fix them, upgrade them, create unique builds, set up networks, etc. I have around thirty of them, though I am only able to fully set up and display seven or eight at any one time due to space constraints. I have gotten particularly skilled in fixing floppy disk drives and setting up PCs with an unusual amount of them active in the system.

The thing that I regret most about Avatar is that it is not set in a retro-futuristic setting like the Alien franchise is.