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Alright so if any of you use PayPal just be aware that scams are out there especially around the holidays. I think that when people receive a notice about activity on their account they don't think and they just panic. So I'm going to walk you through the process I go through when I receive a legitimate looking scam.

So first I receive the email and it's in the junk folder, which already raises my suspicion, but just because it's in the junk folder doesn't mean anything because I receive a lot of real emails in my junk folder. So let's take a look and see if this is a legitimate notice.


Then when I open it up I see that it looks like someone made a transaction. Oh no! Someone is in my account! PANIC! Quick, what do I do?! Oh there's a place for me to login to my account directly from this email. No thanks! Of course, this is where they get a lot of people. When you click on the link it takes you to a site that looks just like PayPal, but it's the scammer's site.


Since I'm a level headed person the first two things I check is the activity on my accounts so let's take a look at those and see if we see any discrepancies. First we'll look at the recent activity on my PayPal account by logging in through a browser instead of through the email I received.


Well, my PayPal account shows no transactions. Now let's login to my actual bank account and look at the recent activity there and see if it lists any PayPal transactions for the amount in the email just to be sure.


So as you can see my last two transactions were through Amazon and neither of them are the amount listed in the email I received. The orders through Amazon were placed on November 28th. I had no transactions for November 29th. So it's safe to assume this is just a scam because all of the evidence shows nothing actually happened on my accounts.

For more information about spotting fake notices from the PayPal FAQs go HERE

Do you know of any online scams going around? Please share it with us so we can avoid it.

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One has to appreciate a good scam, but certainly not when it affects my family or Tree-of-Souls friends. Always possess a sceptical mind and you'll be fine. :)

Many thanks for the post Eternal!
thought this thread was gonna be a rant about the scammers on here :xD: :xD: but still if anyone happens to order the 'generic viagra 100mg' from kevinpaul124 - then i can assure you might wanna take that paypal warning a bit seriously :xD:
Here's how I stay 100% spam free:

If you are using gmail, you can type in your address with an extra alias: " (replace "alias" with a custom text string)

All mail still arrives at "",
"alias" can now be used to set up filters to avoid the mails sent to that alias, including the spam you get if someone leaks/sells your account info to advertising networks.

I deactivate specific alias filters only if I expect mail for that alias (for example if I bought something in a shop and await confirmation or shipping details), otherwise the newsletters and ads go directly to the spam folder.

It's a lot easier than to set up and manage different mails for banking/forums/other stuff, the only one I kept is "" cause I like that one :D


Paypal and ebay will always greet you by your real full name. If the email doesn't contain your entire real name, its 100% scam and no other "researching" needs to be done. Delete and move on.

Most banks nowadays also greet you by your full real name too. My bank is tiny and they do too.

I have filters on my account where if i receive an email from ebay, paypal, my bank, etc and it does not contain my real full name, the email gets deleted on server so I never see it.

Dr Navi has a good idea too and I've been doing that (alias & forwarding) in one way or another for the last 17 years. I know who sells addresses of the places I've been over the years (in violation of privacy policy - which is just "lip service" anyway).