Neytiri BJD

Wow, just WOW! This is art, friend, so well made! We all can see that you put a lot of care and attention in the model, hope one day we can see all Jake's family! :D👏


dreaming of iknimaya
@fierox do you still do any of your digital art for Jake and Neytiri?
Always really enjoyed it as well, plus I love the Neytiri you created is straight from those designs.
Thx! Also updated her bow (arrow still needs work).
Haha not sure i'll manage the whole Sully family but currently working on Jake.
ZBrush Document3.jpg
@Wameyn yeah i plan to. But the Maya version i used for my Avatar stuff has become quite dated. Doesn't matter really except for rendering that has improved so much. When the above Jake bjd is done i want to bring my models over and update them to the latest version (and add some family members or other characters as well).