Neytiri 3D WIP


As sort of a fun learning project im modeling Neytiri.
Alot of fun sofar but hard at times because i didnt really had any good reference pictures when i started. That is actually how i found this forum, by looking for good pictures, theres plenty of them here.
After busy with it for a while now i cant see if things are going well or not, been staring at it for too long i guess so any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Here are a few printscreens of where i got sofar, no texture or hair yet.



Looking awesome so far. Are you on DEVIANTART.COM by chance? I have a profile there and I also run the #AVATAR-THE-MOVIE group as well. My profile name is avatarfan67 if you do have an account there, please stop by and say Kaltxi! . :);)
Thx, i am on deviantart but not very active there, just to post some work really. Ill have a look later tho, see you there :)

Right now im tweaking her body a bit, still not sure its all in the right proportions but im getting closer i think. It was too much like a human at first. Most pictures dont show her fully and just standing still so im guessing a little. also, cant wait to add some color!



hand and feet close up

Thx guys, its not that hard actually, bit like sculpting i guess only way easier because i dont have to go through brick and have an undo button :D
I'm trying to keep the polycount as low as possible for the rigging i want todo later but still have some detail in it.
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finally time for some color!
Model still needs some tweaks but i guess ill see that better after some added color anyway.
Added the basic colors first and starting todo things slightly more detailed now.
Since its all pretty globally ill paint one side and copy it to the other side, then ill add more detail. Im not sure if her stripe pattern is the same on both sides? Well ill figure that out later :P
The eyes are missing in these pics so, looks a little weird..

Oh yeah the gap between the toes, found that out thx to the HD images on this forum!
BTW anyone know or have a picture of her tail? Not sure if thats striped aswell..


well not much time today but a small update, thx for the tail info, changed that. Also good picture of her back, changed that a little aswell.
Some more detail added, more tomorrow :P

Tips or if anythings a bit off, id like to hear :)

Reminds of me what Maximux3D was working on over at AF a little over a year ago. He never did finish his project. It's almost as if you're taking over for him.

Great work. :)
Thx and i dont know Maximus but i'm definatly finishing this :)

Anyway, exept for some tweaking later the color map texture is about done.
Now to make a bump, specular etc, but first a pair of eyes!

youre close! i tried some polypainting in it, the rest is maya.

Well this is the first rendered image. It has a shader for the skin with the texture and some noise for bump ill replace later.
Made the eyes, the eye texture looks really great in 2D but "flat" in 3D, no idea why yet so i still have some work here.
Texturing/shading/rendering is my weak spot so i gotta study a bit here to get things improved :)