New member, old fan!

I cannot believe i have never find this forum before today, i was a huuuuge fan of the first movie when it came out and it was during my "forum phase" where i'd spend my days on forums! It's a mystery...

I am a woman in her late 20's that just can't get Avatar out of her head since 2009, it's one of my special interests!

I can't wait to explore the forum and get to know you guys better, kìyevame!
Welcome, friend! I don't know how I did not find this forum before too! I was young when the first movie came out, I loved it, but I was unable to fully experience it and fully understand it. Now with the second film I was literally changed as a person, I even got what people here call "PAD" or "Post Avatar Depression". But it was not only bad things, but good ones too. Avatar inspired me to make some changes in my life for good, and this forum and it's people are helping me a lot.
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