Na'vi language boot camp with Kelutral

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** Feel free to delete if inappropiate promotion - just wanted to give people a heads up on this **
I saw this on the Avatar Reddit feed, and wanted to share here in case anyone missed it. I haven't done much the language in a decade so my Na'vi is pretty much zero, so am signing up myself as a beginner again - hopefully will get a chance to embarass myself with some others from our little clan! ^_^

Join Kelutral this July for a Na'vi language learning bootcamp!​


Kaltxì ma aynumeyu! This summer, the Kelutral Discord plans to host several workshops with activities to help beginners and less advanced learners pick up the Na'vi language. So, if you've been meaning to pick up some of the language you've heard used in the films, this would be a fun experience to try out.
There will be 3 days worth of activities including beginner classes covering pronunciation and grammar as well as general tips to approach learning a new language. If you've already started your Na'vi language learning journey, there will still be different workshops and Na'vi games involved for you, such as a song translation workshop and Cards Against Humanity in Na'vi to play. There will also be listening skills practice with the Meskxawng podcast team, learning how to hold your first conversations with frequently spoken phrases, and even speaking skills practice while playing Among Us!
Join the fun July 21st through the 23rd! Sign up here:

EDIT: LINK FOR 2024 event:
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Thats cool! My knowledge also is pretty much zero. I write my last exam on 20th and 23rd is my birthday and I leave for a trip with my parents the day after, so it is the perfect time window for me :)
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