My farewell message to the people of avatar-forums


After a long time of consideration I decided to leave avatar-forums with a final goodbye letter. I will post it here as well, since its contents very much touches both forums.

Feel free to reply in the AF thread here if you think you have anything to contribute there:

Or if you want, feel free to do the same in this thread here.

Kaltxi frapo.

I will begin this message by saying that I really did not hope it would come to this. It was not my intent to quit the forums, neither was it my intent to write this message.
However, I have now decided to do so after seeing some of the latest conflicts, and especially seeing this thread:
What the hell!! Break-away Avatar-forums site!

Avatar-forums have meant extremely much to me. In fact, they literally changed my life. No joke. When I first came here, I was overwhelmed by the sense of community and friendship that was not present on any other forum I knew. It is with utter sadness I have seen these forums breaking down the last few weeks. The reasons for this happening are mostly ridiculous, but it has happened.

I cannot clearly tell the full reasons for this to happen, but it has made me really down lately, as these forums has been to a great aid to me. My point is - you might say that the reasons for the forums splitting up are ridiculous - and this is true, they are. But nevertheless, the forums are breaking apart, no matter the reasons, this is happening.

Onto my second part of this letter, the new Avatar community discussed in the thread I linked to above. I will not mention the forums by name, that would be unnecessary, so I will refer to them as simply "ToS".

I was among the first group of members who created these new forums, and I am an administrator there as well.

The reason I stood behind the creation of ToS was not because I wanted to divide the forums in two camps or create separation among the members. All I want is our community back. Become the friendly place it used to be. Please understand here that I am not blaming anyone. I am NOT saying the mods have done a bad job, because they have not. I know that they have worked really hard to try and keep this community remain what it once was.

Personally, I think that it is possible to return these forums to what they once were. But not here. Why? Because it has come to a point where there is too much tension among the members - much fewer people trust each other and conflicts arise all the time.

The thread I linked to above is a great example of this. Without really knowing what ToS is, people get worked up because of it and start spewing hateful comments.

So to clear things up - the reason I and many of the others standing behind this created ToS, was because we believe it to be a way to bring the community back to what it was before. I do not force anyone to join the forums, and I am not trying to convince anyone that ToS is better than AF.

But what I am saying - see ToS for what it is. A way for the members who want it to be a part of a close community. Not a place to abandon avatar-forums for - that is up to anyone to decide for themselves.

So to all members of avatar-forums: thank you for the great time we have had together, and thank you for always standing by my side. I will never forget what you did for me during the whole CNN incident. I hope that you understand that I do not have any wishes to see the community break apart.

Until we maybe meet again,
Kiyevame frapo. Oel ngati Kameie.


Pamtseo Vitra
Well said Eltu, that was both a heartfelt and an informative message.

I will continue to be in both camps, but if this forum gains a good deal of momentum, I can see me posting here a considerable amount more.


Great Leonopteryx
Nice post. I probably will never get back to AF to write one of those.... after mod abuse, and what they have to say... it is dead to me.
Very tood poste eltu. All goes down lately in the other board, i simple felt not at home there really anymore, glad to have this place here where i feel the comfortable feeling instantly coming back :)
Oel ngati kameie... For those not going back to AF, here's my reply:
A really good post by Eltu there, I hope it clears up some of the misunderstanding that has gone on. ToS is not in any way meant to do anything to AF, I would be really happy if both could coexist. I'm not even an amazingly old member, but I'm sure many people will understand what I mean when I talk about how the forums used to be. They are a place where anyone will be welcome if they leave behind all the problems at AF. The intention is to rebuild the feeling that was present here, where the members were more than just people posting on a forum, but friends, people who Saw each other, who understood. This particularly goes for feelings between mods/admins and members.
There's nothing stopping people from using both places. Really, what does it matter where it is, as long as it feels right?
I WILL still be around AF, although I might miss some happenings due to less activity.
Eywa ngahu frapo.
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Yea... Eltu is right. Anyway, making those changes to the AF completely ripped it apart. I am still logged there, but it doesn't feel like it was the first time... I just see here is the Home Re-Worked. Good work for the initiative.

Oel ngati kameie, ma tsmukan. Eywa ngahu :)
yeah, for me there was an " i am home" feeling instantly back again too :) and i will stay hopefully here for a very long time to come :)

Sacred Tsahaylu

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That is the positive attitude that we need to foster and grow among the members of both forums, well done Shatnerpossum :)
I know I shall still visit A-F now that hostilities have died down :D