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Oh wow, I didn't know she was such a big fan of AVATAR. That's awesome and all, but I have to disagree with the fact that she wants James Cameron to win the Nobel Peace Prize for a movie. That should be for people who cure diseases or something important like that. Perhaps my criteria is too strict? I'm not even sure what the actual criteria is. I will say that, in my opinion, AVATAR should have won Best Picture at the Oscars over Hurt Locker, but I admit I have a lot of bias. :)
Yeah, I agree - it is of course an amazing movie but not something to garner the Nobel Peace Prize (not that I know the criteria either). I just thought it was nice to hear such high praise for the movie 9.5 years after its release. :)
nice to read that. if JC had been successful in getting Brazil to abandon that highly destructive dam project on the Amazon, i would definitely agree on the Nobel Peace Prize. unfortunately, the dam was finished, reservoir filled, river diverted to three new routes, and hundreds of thousands of people downriver impacted by the dam. not only that, but the new waterways brought loggers into areas never before touched, and now the deforestation is on track for 30% of the rainforest gone by 2025. sad. very sad only.

the Amazon are the very lungs of Mother Earth. :(