Li'ona clan role-play

I walk through the lush forest of Pandora, the ground lights up at my touch,

name: amitiri
eye colour:greeny brown
weapon: bow and arrow with read banshee tail scale feathers at either end
hairstyle: black braids with a green feather behind left ear
accsessories: brown vine flight headpice with violet lens
ikran: Torren *purple/green*
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I call out 'hoo-ah' into the wind, a my beutiful purple-green ikran Torren comes slashing out of the sky. I link with him and soar upwards into the sky. I became a hunter, one of the people yesterday. I fly back to my Hometree. I am a part of the Li'ona clan, we are few because sky-people attacked us for fun. It was cruel and they had no reason. I swear I will get revenge as they killed my sister Ralu. I can never forget that day, the trees falling all around us "Ralu!" I scream out I cannot find her I fumble around in the dark reaching for her hand. I cannot find it. "Help me Amitiri!"
I hear my sister scream, I feel blood on my hands, I sky-person shot her! I scream out into the night....
I flinch and shake my head. I never wish to go back to remembering that fateful day. I land in the top branches of my Hometree and unlink with Torren. "Calm boy, calm," I say as he felt my upset and anger too. I walk down the spiral branches and call out for someone to answer me.

Moco Loco

Dandy Lion
lol okay, then I'm human.

name: Moco! Or if I have to pick a real name (since Moco is apparently "snot" in Spanish), January. January isn't a real name, but at least it doesn't mean snot.
age: older I suppose, since that would be a prerequisite to visiting Pandora at all. Let's say 23.
Avatar eye colour: gray, if we're being really liberal about this
weapon: Avatar sized m60 machine gun and a Na'vi knife
hairstyle: pretty frumpy, shoulder length hair except for the braid.
accessories: tiny videocamera, pokewalker :P
ikran: No way, are you kidding :P transportation on foot or in a Samson

I'm around a group of avatar scientists who are narrating their research as I take video recordings. I have a little bit of scientific background, but not enough to do the fieldwork.
I sniff the air, I smell sky-peolpe. I slink into the shadows. I wait for them to pass, one of them stands still and speaks in their wierd language that I only partially understand.
One of them walks over to me, I hold my breath and shut my eyes.
"No nothing here" One of them says. They walk away, I breathe out a heavy sigh of releaf. That was too close I think. I need to be more careful. I wander off my own way, Then I hear a sound that I have never heard before..

Moco Loco

Dandy Lion
I'm not needed at the camera for now, so I'm sitting on a stump playing Pokemon on my DS, volume all the way up. It reminds me of Earth. I'm not in my avatar today. Something is wrong with mine, and they're running some tests on it at the base. Immediately, the lead scientist shouts at me to turn it down. I do, and suddenly, I am made aware of all the subtle sounds around us-- animal calls completely alien to me, wind stirring treebranches, and then, a snap directly behind me.

(This is fun, I hope more people join in :) )
I was hiding in the bushes and I heard a strange noise unlike anything I had every heard before, It was a sort of music and it was coming from something that a sky-person was holding, he has no gun with him so I venture a bit closer..

Moco Loco

Dandy Lion
(FYI, I'm a girl)

I see a flash of blue behind some bushes, and fall off the stump, startled. Maybe I wouldn't have reacted the same if I had been in my avatar, if I hadn't been so defenseless in my human body, but I panicked.
"NA'VI!" I ran back behind the others in my group and hid.

(If someone else jumps in who doesn't specifically want to be a na'vi, they should be in my scientist group :) )
I flatten my ears and hiss at the sky-people, they are shreiking and diving around, I am so confused, I yell out and pull me bow and arrows from my back, I prepare to fire, but as I do so one of them punches me in the face, I black out and fall to the ground..

Moco Loco

Dandy Lion
I am completely shocked.
"Delma! You just punched her!"
She looked shocked and backed away.
"I-- I didn't mean to! I got scared."
As the other scientists fussed at her, I cautiously stepped around the unconscious na'vi to pick up my DS which I had thrown in panic. She had a bloody nose, but we decided it would be better not to move her.
I open my eyes and I see sky-people leaning all over me,
"AGGH!" I say in a particually na'vi way
they all jump and look at me, I feel wet on my nose, I touch it and there is blood on my hand, I jump up in a fury and then fall back down, I feel weak and dizzy
um guys, I have made a forum for this role-play it already has members that are active daily, the address is:
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please, please please look at it, it may not look like much but once you have regestered it comes alive and the background changes ect.. for more info PM me!