Kiri - A new goddess?

After watching the new trailer, I am completely fascinated by the character of Kiri, but not in the same sense as Neytiri. Several shots show her bond with Pandora's nature, which she is even able to control, when she is only 14 years old! And this is what struck me the most, that almost all of Pandora's power of nature is in her teenage hands. I also found a very interesting article


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As I interpret from the information that has been released so far, Kiri is anything but ordinary, possibly since birth. My theory is that she is the daughter of Grace's avatar, with Eywa having played the main role in the conception. Possibly Eywa had Grace reincarnated in this way. If that is the case, it would make sense Kiri has a lot of influence on the Pandoran environment as she would be in a sense Eywa's own daughter also, who could have been given a special purpose or role to fulfil in bringing back balance, like "the chosen one". You could take this a step further and say that if Eywa is a god, then Kiri is a demi-god.

Though I think it is interesting on a certain level, I don't know if I like this whole god and demi-god business from an overall story perspective. I still have to get used to hearing Weaver's voice and associate it with this character; she just doesn't sound like a teenager in my ears.

And btw, I think that article is way off with the theory that the real Grace will be resurrected; For all intents and purposes she has already been as good as reincarnated with Weaver playing Kiri. Do we really need Weaver playing 2 extraordinary characters in the same movie? It would go a bit over the edge if you ask me. However, I would be perfectly fine with Weaver as Grace in flashbacks or video logs, because that would be somewhat grounded.
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I thought this was really cool! Kiri is definitely my favorite now! I believe the same as you, that Eywa conceived her in Grace's avatar when they tried to do the transfer for Grace. While Grace couldn't be transferred completely, Eywa did this instead.


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I feel like Kiri is the direct incarnation of Eywa or her messenger. Interesting the fact that Kiri isn’t a Na’VI but a pure Avatar, so she could be the Avatara of eywa that come to ensure the Cosmic Order of that planet in that critical moment, some kind of Visnu if you know the story.
I feel like Grace coule get back in her own Avatar in future, but these are just speculations...
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I genuinely feel that Kiri is an aspect of Eywa sent to Pandora. I think she will have a monumental role to play in the coming sequels and will perhaps bridge the gap between human and Na'vi. I'm excited to see what she's capable of.