Kaltxi! Call me Naria.

Kaltxi! My name is Naria, and please be forgiving of my terrible Na'vi. I am very much still learning and take it day by day. :)

I love to roleplay (RP) and am currently still developing myself to be more well-rounded. Please feel free to pester me as much as you want, as I am sure that I am probably the youngest of all of you here! :party: I am very friendly so feel free to shoot me a message!

After Avatar first came out in '09-- I have been hooked! I make it a point to watch it every once in a while and always find new things to fall in love with in the film. Currently, I am studying illustration and bio-tech with biological chemistry. I am hoping to one day be able to understand the biological effects of what tsaheylu actually does between Na'vi/Avatar and the creatures the bond is made with once I finish my studies.

In terms of hobby/work stuff, I create custom costumes and artwork on a commission basis. I am most likely working on three to five projects at any given time so please excuse my absence if I am gone for any length of time outside of my normal replying times.
Thank you guys for the welcome! c: I am still working on my Na'vi and artwork this week. Unfortunately have been plenty busy with all my work so thank goodness it's finally the weekend!