In rememberance of Avatar Forums

it's funny how many links i have to go back and fix, across all my footprints on the net, photosuckit keeps fading in and out, sometimes they allow my old accounts to show and other times it's down hard, and now my current host keeps changing domain names. i get the feeling all this shall join the sadly deceased AF one day, once trump and his ilk crush the fairness of net neutrality.
It seems like the Twitter account is inactive, the Facebook is still running but not popular and Lon runs a Westworld website with the same template as the late Avatar-Forums website.

So yeah, somebody killed a website without permission.
asking CorporateLonSatan to be reasonable with the AF wreckage and it's still grieving fandom, is like asking Monsanto to stop GMO'ing the planet and mass-producing it's chemicals, pesticides, defoliants, and atmospheric-seeding programs to alter weather patterns. not gonna happen. sad. very sad only.
sadly, most of my lost edits are still not viewable with those pages or the Internet Archive pages. the captured pages are just too random. thanks for the link.

rest in peace, AF :(
You're welcome J'ak. Yeah, there's just way too much old content to have it all be picked up by the Wayback Machine. :( Maybe someone will get lucky, finding an old thread they wanted to revisit that just happened to get caught in a snapshot, but I wouldn't get my hopes up. :\





a final farewell to AF :cry:
I think these forums were a bit much. Only in my country (Poland), there were three forums and at this moment, none of them is working anymore.


dreaming of iknimaya
This year marks the 5th anniversary of the death of Avatar-Forums :eek:

Crazy it's already been 5 years. I still browse as much as I can on the Wayback Machine. Great times and great people.

There is an Avatar Forums group and page on Facebook. I don't personally use either, but thought I'd tell you in case you didn't know. If you need the links just message me, I'll find them for you.
i have this pesky raccoon in the neighborhood, keeps getting into the community dumpster and pretty much everyone's driveway trash and recycling bins. it's the same raccoon because it is huge, and not very scared of people or cars.

his name is Lon. :shy:


dreaming of iknimaya
Well Ja'k, there is a reason I don't use the Facebook group, with a pesky Raccoon lurking about and all. ;)