In rememberance of Avatar Forums

i am disgusted by the loss of AF, every damn day i'm on the net. i hope you're happy, CorporateLonSatan. karma will always come around.

goodbye, former net home. Happy Holidays to all former AF members, everyone on ToS, LN, and all the Avatar fans out there. our time is coming...

Messing up with dev tools while Learn Na'vi is under maintenance.
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Avatar-forums: 2009-2017

It's over. I think. The Twitter account of Avatar-Forums was deleted and the link doesn't work anymore.

This time, it's different, since the website was barely active.
However, since we never have any friggin info from Lonlon, we may wake up in February with a brand new forum/blog.
i am still so sad at the destruction of AF, not just for all the obvious reasons, but that even though i was able to rescue some of my Neytiri edits from internet archive page screenshots, there are so many lost forever, as well as great edits and gifs from many other members who have never made it here. i thought i still had most everything, but sadly my old pc blew up in late 2015, and two of my older non-ssd external drives are just so much electronic felgercarb now, just waiting their turn to be dismantled for eventual inclusion to my Statue of Fail. the evil of the AF Hometree destruction remains palpable in the air.


For sure - I certainly had so many memories in the form of thousands of posts across the first months of 2010, now all gone... but, at least the People remain :)
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i found this screenshot of mine, from the sadly deceased AF, in an old external drive that i am transferring data to a new SSD, and getting rid of old unreliable drives with platters and breakable stuff inside. i had over 15,350 posts at the demise of AF, so much fun and memories. rest in peace, AF memories :(

btw, no one ever really answered the question i asked, on that screenshot...
Oel ngati kameie ma Ja'k, As for your question, imo, its because no matter what the movie is about, if there are people who like it and enjoy it and want to take the point the movie has to heart, even if it has an important message, it comes down to the fact that there are always tragic souls that like to cause uncomfort for others, they enjoy the thought of ruining others fun, or making light of things that the members of the community see as important. I also can't understand it, but I guess its just a human illness to like to ruin someone elses parade. That being said, I will never let them ruin my experience, and stop me from talking to my Avatar friends and I will try to do my best to remember the message from the movie while at the same time enjoy the ride of the Avatar franchise. I will enjoy walking past the decomissioned Amp suit on Pandora in two weeks, to personally see the ruins of the greedy and evil RDA for myself, Hell yea!!
Srane, there were some great people and memories from AF and awesome discussion, sadly the person at the helm, and his philosophy on how to "run" the place and what was important( imo) ran it into the ground. But us fans will always find a way :) and the sequels are getting closer each day, the best days for Avatar fans are still ahead of us, I believe :)
Sharing my respects for the loss of the - had been my Avatar home for a long time even though it's been a while since I had been on.

Very sad to see it gone.......