If you could represent Humanity with music to the Na'vi, what songs would you choose?

if there wasn't an original score for Avatar, i think these 3 should definitely have been on the soundtrack





Pamtseo Vitra
I think these two would serve as a suitable snapshot of where we are right now.

Some tunes by Yoko Kanno... parts of her Earth Girl Arjuna score, some tracks from Cowboy Bebop (the upbeat ones as well as "Rain" - sung by Steve Conte... he sounds more suffering than Mai Yamane), parts of Wolf's Rain and some of her Ghost in the Shell scores, too.

Yuki Kajiura also has composed some nice tracks for Noir as well as for .hack - Legend of the Twilight...

Oh, and some psytrance, too - including my favourite track by Ekoplex called "Seeds" from his album Creatures of the Forest. That track features a well-known voice sample: "Seeds of the sacred tree... very pure spirits"

Wiggling bare toes,

~*Txim Asawl*~


Pamtseo Vitra
Oh yes, and of course, this album...

Well, how about something they could dance to...?
This song might sound familiar ;)


Or how about this? Even though it might be a little controversial to use this as a basis for a dance remix...


I think, both remixes by Chuck Rassel are quite good...

Wiggling bare toes,

~*Txim Asawl*~
Any music with guitars or other stringed instruments would be interesting to them, I think, to see how we humans make music with our hands.

I think it would be interesting for the Na'vi to hear our music.

I have a scene in my fan novel about this very subject.

I don't know if any other fanfic writers took on this question.

And of course, the music does not have to Western music, it could be Asian music, Indian music, music from various indigenous cultures around the world, etc.
Neytiri asks me to sing something from my culture, me not being the biggest music buff but to embarrassed to say no, starts rattling off old sitcom openings from the 1980's and 90's . šŸ˜†