If they made Pandora VR...

If they made a super immersive Avatar: Pandora VR game.. how long would you play every day? How hard would it be to "Disconnect?"
Would there be news articles about people not leaving their VR sets specifically because of Avatar?

I think I'd have a pretty hard time getting off the of the game lol
If it was open world and not some mindless first person shooter, that would definitely be my thing. I could roam in that for hours. For a very high quality open world Pandora - esp if missions and combat were optional, I would legitimately and in all seriousness buy a VR system just to play it. The option for online co-operative play to hunt, gather, fish and build a village together would be amazing. I think games like that are really what VR has been waiting for but has never really been fully explored .

I play a lot of Stranded Deep and Escape the Pacific - just to enjoy swimming around the reefs and wandering around the beaches and trees, fishing and making my little beach hut home (i'm not interested in the "missions" such as they are) and often felt they'd be well suited to VR, as it's a similar theme.