How far would you go to ... ?

Sight Unseen

Surgery? Gene modification? If it's prehensile it would be worth it because it would be so useful.

...obtain a sense of financial security?
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Become a wisp so myself and others could have a decent internet connection.

How far would you go to cut yourself off from society? (think: living off the grid, self sufficient, ect)

Ateyo and I have already done it, we live in Hudspeth County Texas, with all of our power being generated by renewable/non polluting means. Years before I met Ateyo, I lived in the mountains of Washington State, about 60 miles north of Spokane. I bought the top of a mountain, built my own log home from trees taken off our land that my sweetie pie and I cut, limbed, decked, and cut into framing lumber. Our power was wind and solar.

Would you be willing to engage in acts such as were practiced by EARTH FIRST to save the planet, by shutting down a company that caused grevious harm to the ecology in the name of corporate profit?
Niri Te
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I just thought that you answered the question and then asked one of your own HNM. I answered the one by Helicordian.
I did NOT say that I supported terrorism, I just put the question out to see if anyone felt that the end justified the means.
Niri Te


It's okay, cool story though. Since you posted after HNM you are supposed to answer his question. Which was, "How far would you go to go to space?" You answered a quesiton that was already answered previously.

Just to clear things up a bit ;)

I'll answer it though.

To go into space I would have to really start increasing my math skills and credentials to get a place in the space program which, as far as I know, is currently stagnant. So I would have to pull an astronaut farmer and build my own space ship.