How far would you go to ... ?

Sight Unseen

I've gone pretty far. I installed Debian on a 12 year old laptop just to post here and chat on IRC when my Desktop got taken away.

How far would you go to have a queue?
Seriously! Lately I've been back to thinking about getting a tattoo, even though ii just cut my hair, letting it grow back long again and getting it 'braided', getting tinted contact lenses, and even wondering about natural skin dyes! :P

How far would you go to 'experience' climbing up to the Hallelujah Mountains?
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I would drop what I'm doing and be on the next ISV heading to Pandora...

How far would you go to become one of the people?

Interesting that you should ask, this evening after work, I was exhausted and laid down to have a nap. Had an incredibly vivid and realistic dream that I was on Pandora and literally went through all the rites of passage, ending with be welcomed as one of the people! I cannot even describe my wonderment of it!

EDIT: And I forgot one of the most intriguing parts .. i was speaking and understanding in Na'vi the whole time .. and I haven't even studied the language!

How far would you go to see World Peace established?