How far would you go to ... ?

Ok – here’s a variation on truth or dare game~

How far would you go to …?

Basically you answer the question asked in the previous post and then create the next – how far would you go to ..?


Post 1

Questioneer: How far would you go to actually look like a Na’vi, would you get plastic surgery to get your ears shaped pointed?

Post 2

Answerer: Not at all

Would you get golden colored contact lenses?

Post 3

Answerer: Maybe, not a bad idea, hadn’t thought about it, but now that you’ve suggested it :)

How far would you go to not have to care about working for money, would you join a monastery?

(and let the fun begin)
Not a monastery, but I might go in the woods. :D

How far would you go to be the supreme leader of the world?

Pfttt most days, I can't even rule my own emotional world, let alone the whole world, :D Besides don't want that much responsibility!

How far would you go to rid the world of the economic system (that now exists)?


Old Guard
I'd go the opposite direction.

Now... The question of the ages... How far would you go....


for a Klondike bar?


My dreams? I would walk across the country 5 times if it meant at least 3 of my dreams would come true.

How far would you dig for water if there was none to be found elsewhere.

Pa'li Makto

I would fast for days and climb to the top of the tallest tree in the dead of night :)

How far would you go to grow really long hair? ;)

Pa'li Makto

Hehehe awww woah ;)
I'd shave off all my hair and be hairless for a whole year ;) (How awesome would a tie dyed grizzly look?) :)

How far would you go to be able to swim in artic water beside iceburgs?