hey, all!!

(oh gosh i hope i'm doing this right) kaltxì!! name's chantelle, i'm into drawing, writing, video editing, and i'm long time fan of avatar! it's hard to believe the first movie was released when i was 10; i've felt so alone in my love for this gorgeous franchise but i'm so thankful that's changed!! such a shame i didn't learn of this site sooner, but regardless, i can't wait to connect with you all, my friends! and hopefully learn how to properly use forums in the process :D


Welcome! I expect things will get a lot more active here over the coming months as more details about the sequel's storyline and characters become known. I joined ToS a little over a year after the first film was released, at which point there wasn't a lot to do besides celebrate its awesomeness. It's fun to be part of the pre-release speculation this time around.


Yup, absolutely doing it right! :D

As Aaron pointed out, things are a little quiet here right now since it's been so long since the first movie came out - but, this will keep changing for sure over the next few months and we've already seen quite a surge of people come in!

As far as forums go, they do have some nice advantages. Things are a bit slower paced but also a lot less fleeting, with threads sticking around for months and years rather than disappear into a chat history or timeline. Certainly a lot easier to have lengthier, more in-depth conversations! On that note feel free to browse the various categories and check out old threads. Replying to years-old threads is totally fine too :D

Anyway, welcome!