Hello everyone :)

Hello everyone. I'm Na'viDreamer. I can't quite say that I am new here as I have been a long time on again-off again lurker of this forum since around 2012 and an occasional lurker over on LearnNa'vi since around 2014. However, I'm happy to have finally joined both forums. The forums aren't as active as they used to be but I am happy to see the renewed or completely new interest in Avatar with the new TWOW movie release :)

I have a lot of nostalgia for old forums such as this one as opposed to other social medias, despite being born on the tail end of the millennial generation. I've pretty much grown up with social media but could never truly click with it. I love being able to have fuller discussions on shared interests, so sites like this are where I gravitate to in the fandom world.

I can't say how socially active I will be, but I do hope to stick around for a while. Irayo to everyone in this fandom for always being so welcoming :)


Welcome! :)

Indeed the value of these kind of forums is the biggest reason Tree of Souls is still around, and I'm always really happy to see people rally around it! Hopefully you'll find it worth your time to stick around - there's been quite a few people joining or coming back lately, so there's definitely lots of room for interesting discussions :D
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