Great Resignation / Antiwork

I don't know about other countries, but at least in the United States there's been talk of a phenomenon being called the "Great Resignation" in which large numbers of people are quitting jobs that they felt were not compensating them enough, especially after the onset of the pandemic.

I see this movement playing out in some social media spaces, notably the subreddit Antiwork where there have been lots of screenshots of workers telling their bosses in no uncertain terms to piss off.

Mixed in with those screenshots I also see lots of tweets and quotes about a lack of faith in western and/or civilized society and wondering why people have to spend their limited days on this planet doing labor they find soul-crushing.


Such sentiments are already familiar to me: they were discussed frequently on this very forum a decade ago, when Post-Avatar Depression was still being acutely felt by a wide swath of members here. It's interesting (to put it mildly) that I'm now seeing it beyond this forum in arguably more high-profile spaces.


dreaming of iknimaya
This year I actually left a soul crushing job of 9 years, however they compensated me what I feel was a fair amount, which is why I worked there to begin with. Life is expensive and through working there my house will be able to be paid off next year. I have been so much happier since I left, however I’m glad I worked there long enough to have the company stock needed to cash out and own an inexpensive home.

I never suffered from PAD though, I had PAH, post avatar happiness. Being taken to Pandora and seeing the Na’vi gave me almost child like excitement. Funny how I spent most my life between the first film and soon to be second at a job filled with dread. But my goal was always to get what I needed in stocks and then leave, once I got close enough I bounced out the door a free man. My new job pays much less but I get my time off, and can enjoy myself more. However before I settled on it I tried 3 different jobs in a 4 month period, I wasn’t going to settle for another one I was happy at, so I wasn’t afraid to leave and try again. If anyone is at a soul crushing job I highly suggest finding another job while you still have one, or create as much of a plan as you can to be able to leave.