Favorite Game Series. (And Why)?


I haven't played Morrowind but I have played Oblivion and I liked it, not a top favorite but fun. Another amazing series imo is Star Ocean. Love love love that series.


Yeah, but I dunno I just enjoyed Oblivion more, I think because it felt more medieval like than Morrowind to me. :P I found Morrowind's combat annoying especially when it came to bows and arrows lol. Did you know that there is a new Elder Scrolls coming out ;)

I've only played Oblivion, and I really wasn't impressed.

They had a giant world for you to explore, and yet the entire thing was woodlands/fields. Not even any real forests; just fields with some extra trees.
The monsters were boring too; I quit after fighting nothing but mud crabs, imps, and wolves forever. I fought a few skeletons and zombies, but otherwise I was really disappointed; with a huge world like that they had room for all kinds of crazy creatures big and small, and room for different kinds of habitats for each one. They also should have changed how the monsters got tougher; it took forever to find new monsters to fight, and no matter where you went (save for oblivion/hell) the monsters stayed the same.

This made the game very boring for me and I soon put it down permanently.

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It must be what you play the most, right?
That'd be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, World at War and Modern Warfare 2 :D

Also, Elder Scrolls: Oblivion... but I lost my copy
Mass Effect is my absolute favourite videogame series, as Avatar is my absolute favourite movie. I'm playing now the entire trilogy pack on PS3 and it's extraordinary. Mass Effect is almost like a second Avatar for me. :D

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Never really got into Mass Effect myself but each to their own.

My favourite video game series by far will always be Thief, particularly The Dark Project and The Metal Age..
There has been nothing like it, and I don't know if there really will be.
The focus on stealth, and clever use of sound and lighting was both innovative and immersive.

I also quite like the Elder Scrolls series, but Arena and Daggerfall are my favourite games.
I like to play Assassin's Creed I. (for PC) and AC Bloodline (for PSP). But my PC isn't very good, so sometimes it's just waiting for making a step or, when I'm fighting, I just see Atair on ground :S
On PSP it's another thing - it's just amazing. :D
Once upon a time, I would have written an entire list. But every game series I used to like.....

I loved Mass Effect series prior to #3. I still play the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer a lot but haven't really even attempted a playthrough of the single player game.

I used to like Gears of War, but merely rented 3 to beat the single player and have no interest in Judgment.
I used to like Halo a lot, but my interest waned with Reach. I didn't even bother to get Halo 4. I played it at a friends house and got bored halfway through the first mission.

I can't really point at a "series" of games anymore and say "Oh yeah, I like all of those games in that series".
I really like Mass Effect 1 and 2, although they're not my favourite games (couldn't decide on that...). I did try playing 3, but when the ending was spoiled for me, I got demoralised and stropped playing about halfway through, so I've never completed it. I was already annoyed with the multiplayer and paid day 1 DLC, so the lack of a good ending was just the end for Mass Effect as far as I'm concerned :(


With the upcoming Fallout 4, I have to mention the Fallout series as one of the best ever made - both the classic games and Fallout 3/New Vegas are masterpieces in their own right, and definitely one of the series I've spent the most time in with more than a thousand hours on record.

Hugely excited about the upcoming game! :D

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Amazi-threads XD

Lets see here,
The Elder Scrolls series (mainly Morrowind and Oblivion, Skyrim was good but not great)
Halo Series, especially the multiplayer on Halo: Reach
Dawn of War and its expansions. Dawn of War 2 sucked bottom.
The Souls games. Dark Souls was the best.
The Total War games predating Rome II. That was such a massive fail.
Borderlands series.
The Zelda games.
The Mario games.

So yeah.
pokemon will forever be my number one. played red when i was like, seven or eight and haven't stopped since.

uuuhm i also like fallout, golden sun, okami, the elder scrolls, bioshock, and donkey kong country.

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Pokémon Red! My god, I still remember the day I got that on my game boy XD Excellent times.

My latest favourite game series is Borderlands. At the moment, I am putting many hours in to both Borderlands 2 and Borderlands The Pre-Sequel.
Pokémon Red! My god, I still remember the day I got that on my game boy XD Excellent times.

pokemon's gotten pretty bonkers hasn't it? started off w/ 150 and now we're at like, 721 including the unreleased legendaries for x/y and or/as

and not only can you train them, but you can feed them treats and rub their tummies and play little minigames with them in the most recent games and literally trade and battle w/ people from all over the world at your leisure

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Has anybody else played the XCOM games? This is one of my new favourites. I recently completed XCOM Enemy Unknown/Within and have just started XCOM 2. Very fun games, but challenging in parts.
my favorites are still the Half-Life games, HL1, HL2, HL2 EP1 and HL2 EP2, Lost Coast, Black Mesa Redux, and various mod levels. i still can't believe we will never see HL3.

i also absolutely love the Halo 1-3 universe, along with Halo ODST and Reach. awesome!!! i still play Reach constantly because of the insanely great Firefight Mode. Finish The Fight!