Favorite Game Series. (And Why)?


To be honest, I don't have one favourite game series. They're are several I love.
Metal Gear Solid
Final Fantasy
Gears of War
Call of Duty
Splinter Cell
...and many many more.


Yeah, Gears 3. April. Turok? The new one was terrible.
Warcraft 3? I can't do RTS.
World of Warcraft, I'm your man.
Oh, and Modern Warfare 2 is the most frustrating game ever known.


Wacraft 3 is fun in singleplayer.

World of Warcraft, and any other multiplayer game for that matter, is horrible.

There you go. My opinion. :P


Mother Falcon
May I say that the Elder Scrolls series is one of the greatest ever made.
Played Morrowind and Oblivion. Awesome RPGs.

COD4 MW1, in the servers I've played, hackers aren't the problem most of the time.

Those ****ers camp right next to a spawn point, and kill whoever comes from there. Useless n00bs I say!

Ah, well I'm pretty happy at the moment. I'm a 1st Lieutenant II, close to captain, and I've only played it on multiplayer for about 5 hours all up.


Mother Falcon
I agree. My sister doesn't.
If you've noticed, the environment in Oblivion was MUCH closer to Earth standards.
The Bethesda motto: "Live another life, in another world" applies a hell of a lot more in Morrowind.

The Bloodmoon and Tribunal expansions were awesome as well.
Watch on youtube: Morrowind in 15 minutes. Epic.
My favorite game series was the 3D Ultra Pinball series by Sierra. To be specific, my favorite level was the Tower level in the Creep Night game (the second game of 5). The most amount of points I got in that level was 1,350,000,000,000 with 100+ extra balls. I lost the game file in a format :\. It took 35 days to get that score


While Oblivion is just generic fantasy terrain, Morrowind has incredibly varied and unique graphics.

Oblivion's leveling system is just plain STUPID. I mean, one of the fundamental parts of an RPG is to make your character grow in strength. In Oblivion, there will never be regions you are afraid to enter because you are too weak, and when you have reached high levels, every single bandit has DAEDRIC armor and weapons! That is just plain stupid!

Another major flaw of Oblivion is the Fast Travel system. Another fundamental part of RPG gameplay is to actually travel through the lands. Begin in one city, do some quests there, then explore the lands until you find another town, be there for a while etc.
Don't get me wrong, I like the Fast Travel feature, but I do NOT like that they are activated from the BEGINNING! RPGs are about exploring the lands, which makes this "feature" horrible!

Morrowind, on the other hand, while having a travel system, encourages traveling in the lands much, much more.

Of course Morrowind has its flaws as well.

The graphics are actually very good in terms of terrain and overall graphics design (in my opinion). The character graphics, however, could have been done much better.
Another flaw is the combat system which feels really stiff when in lower levels.

Other than that I love Morrowind, which is a great game.

As is Oblivion, but it has its flaws.


Let's see...

"Less glitches" - the physics engine rather introduced a thousand MORE glitches :P

"Improved gameplay" - rather "dumbed down and consolofied". Morrowind is much more complex.

"beautiful landscapes" - Yes, but all the same. It's all forest, forest, forest. Morrowind has MUCH better and more interesting graphics. It's so varied and amazing to explore.



Morrowind's combat isn't the best in lower levels.

When you have leveled for a while, every hit will be a hit, so it will be much funnier.

And yes, I heard about TESV ;)